Hi everybody!

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Hi everybody!

Let me introduce myself: my name is Diego Vacarezza, I’m Bachelor of Information Technology (UBA) and Bachelor of Business Administration(UBA), and I’m from Argentina —Messi, Maradona, Manu Ginobilli, tango, Borges, the land of the steak , you know —

I’ve worked for a long time in Business Intelligence areas across multiple industries (internet, telcos, retail, finance & banking) and in the last few years I’ve focused in Data Science (machine learning, deep learning and big data mainly)

This will not be “yet another blog about data science”. It will be beyond a purely technical approach. Yes, data science it’s about technology. But also is about people, companies, culture, human development, society, ethics, purpose!

So, as you can imagine, this blog is about it. You’re vey welcome!