Hire with Integrity

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People as a resource in this world are the key. From public transport staff guiding your travel in the day, the patient barista tolerating your morning disorientation to the friends who perpetually listen and advise you. It is safe to say, when a human is in need there is an opportunity for kindness and to make a difference in their lives — one opportunity that our chosen inner circles never fail us. As humans we expect kindness and patience, we’ve been taught to remember to do unto others as you would have them do unto you — but in action, in genuine reality, do we truly exercise this?

Let’s take the recruitment process as an example. 95% of professionals want interview feedback, with 83% having a poor experience in the process. Seems risky when we know that candidates are 60% less likely to purchase a product from an employer they did not enjoy meeting. A carelessly conducted interview can have more issues than just candidate morale. Recruiters themselves have a tough task of sifting through an average of 250 resumes received per role, along with internal commitments, scheduling and outbound calls that bandwidth also becomes an obvious pain. But what to do?

It is safe to say that balancing plates, juggling whilst running at the same time has a key output: chaos. Let’s be honest if your daily commute bus driver was making you coffee, whilst driving and listening to your work pains in one go — the question of travel safety might come into question! The point here is although the world drives mankind to multi-task, integrity is one value that no excuse can or should pardon.

The true test of integrity occurs when you do the right thing, when no one is watching or to assess how you conduct yourself when you are in a position of power. Hiring managers find themselves, most of the times, in a position of power when faced with several interviews from eager candidates hoping to impress for one available role. Here are some tips for acting with integrity and kindness:

Interview honestly

Company vision is important, so make sure this is clear. However place a priority on ensuring the reality of the present is clearer. Although interviews are a time to showcase the best of your business, do not get carried away. Enticing candidates on bloated stats will come with a flurry of issues. Answering with integrity sets the tone of how you operate your business and by default, how the candidate will in turn be as an employee. Nothing beats consistency and accountability.

Treat prospect candidates as though they are current employees

In a global study, results found that a respectful workplace provides 26% more energy in workers, 30% more likely to feel motivated and enthusiastic about learning and 36% more satisfaction with their jobs. Do not wait for the candidate to start on day one to give attention, provide the pleasant experience from the beginning and see their productivity increase during the interview. Hitting the ground running is not a myth.

Active listening goes a long way

If you ask a question, actively listening to the answer and directly engage in a continued conversation flow from the response. An interview is not speed dating and answering quick fire surveys is a lonely road.


In a recent survey conducted by Georgetown University, 20,000 employees worldwide ranked respect as the most important leadership behaviour. If you have the chance to exercise this quality from day one, proceed without hesitation.

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