HiveNet’s purpose in 125 words

Original article can be found here (source): Artificial Intelligence on Medium

HiveNet’s purpose in 125 words

What is your computer doing while you are asleep? Usually nothing. Most personal and work computers worldwide are idle more than 80% of the time. During this time, the computing power is unused and lost.

However, the cloud computing industry will already generate around 250 billion (!) US-Dollar In 2020 with renting out cloud resources — with a rapidly increasing trend.

HiveNet takes advantage of this misalignment of computing resources that are on the one hand available but not used and on the other hand used but expensive. HiveNet enables computer owners around the world to securely rent their unused computing resources to paying customers.

Whenever computer owners are not using their computer, they can simply start the HiveNet software and HiveNet will do the rest.

HiveNet’s ecosystem

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