How a Data Scientist Transitioned into a Content Developer to generate Passive Income during…

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How a Data Scientist Transitioned into a Content Developer to generate Passive Income during Corona Virus COVID-19 Pandemic?

Link to download 12000+ Free Resources in this write-up! I am a Data Scientist. I wanted to have a secondary passive source of income. Since a long time! Corona Virus/COVID-19 gave me the opportunity & time to Work From Home & start it successfully!

Data Scientist to content developer-

Factual Scenario!

First thing is it is not easy if you are continuing with your primary 8–6 job to try something else. Because your work schedule & office travel time(to & fro) leaves you with very little time that can be devoted to set up a system which comprises of a secondary source of passive income. Specially if the skill sets that you are going to be using for the secondary source are not which are being used by you in your primary work profile.

Why is a Secondary Source of Income Necessary?

I remember very clearly how my father got devastated when there were layoffs in his company. Mentally he could never recover from it. I can still sense a feeling of frustration, anguish, anger as well as helplessness in him. Any of these emotions keeps showing up even now from time to time.

My father was in a world famous automobile company. With that company shutting down operations, while he was almost 50 years old, he did not have the mental stamina to upgrade himself/develop new skill sets & get a new job in a different company. I am talking about the late 90’s. 1998 to be precise. At that time there was NO internet boom or freely available sources which we can use nowadays to develop new skill sets.

Even if there were, I don’t know if he had it in him to overcome the depression & shock of the sudden layoffs which everyone was facing. There were mass, sudden layoffs which hit almost every employee of that company. It taught me a huge lesson. → Develop diverse set of skills & have at least 1 alternative source of income.

So, developing new skill sets is imperative. It lies in our interests. If you have 2 diverse sets of skills, you will never be unemployed or you never have to worry about how to earn a living and lead respectful life. One fails or something goes wrong with your workplace/senior managers/office politics etc. you can use the other skill set to continue earning or your secondary source of passive income keeps you in good stead.

Corona Virus COVID19 Pandemic!

Where did the pandemic leave us? I live in a corona hotspot, apart from the area being in a red zone. So we are all working from home with little or almost no work coming from office. I am currently following ‘stay home stay safe’ mantra. That leaves me with a lot of time to up-skill/upgrade myself or set up my secondary source of passive income.

How to start a passive secondary source of income working from home?

I needed to start somewhere. Start developing an alternate source which would generate income for me! It needed to be easy to pick up. I did not want to do an elaborate course again to learn a new skill. Already I have done Engineering & a full-time(2 years), residential MBA from colleges which belong to the Ivy league. So, there were a few options which came to my mind-

  1. Social Media Management.(I use social media platforms already!)
  2. Getting paid to write blogs/articles/scripts etc.(I/We have been writing since childhood)
  3. Affiliate Marketing(New but has enormous payment potential)
  4. Photography.(Can click & sell photos. Many platforms are available through which you can sell photos)

I decided I will try at least the first 3 with full force because the first 2 do not require me to invest a lot of time to up-skill myself. And if the first 2 click well, then I can leverage them to scale up my Affiliate Marketing Income.

Affiliate Marketing! I had to learn it.

We all know what Affiliate Marketing is-promoting available products which yield a commission on sale. So I will not go into details. I joined famous Affiliate networks & started learning the techniques to do promotions of Affiliate products.

The point is you can only reach up-to a certain level using Free resources, write-ups, videos on the internet. Normally people do not reveal their actual secrets which are getting them a lot of website visits, clicks & ultimately sales. This is my gut feeling. Most of the trainers give you a surface level knowledge. You don’t really feel satisfied with what you get, free of cost.

I mean why will anyone reveal the secrets which helped them earn thousands of dollar, for Free?

Affiliate Marketing!

I discovered by trials & errors that this is possibly the best work from home opportunity if you can crack the code of how to do it successfully. I used Free Traffic as well as Paid ads(Facebook & Google). I learnt via the Free resources — Blogs, Write-ups & Videos claiming “earn $ xyz per day using Free Traffic”. We have all seen such pop-ups & promos. Is it not?

The Discovery- FREE GIVE AWAY! FREEBIES Attract traffic!

Affiliate Marketing is all about website traffic. Or for that matter anything online is all about website visits or number of visitors. More is the number of visitors on your blogs, videos, social media posts, more is the possibility of a conversion-a sale. I understood this. Deeply!

I picked up a useful technique to generate traffic using Free Resources from the Internet. The technique was, to give something valuable/useful Free of cost. Add value.

If you give something useful which is Free which can be used by your audience, they will appreciate it. A certain bond & trust is built between you & your audience. It is not necessary on that very visit he will buy/sign up but this trust building can go a long way in ensuring success. If you are ready to be patient, success comes sooner than expected. This is my personal experience(in a short span of time).

I gained this 1 insight(Free Give aways work!)by watching it multiple times on videos made by different Affiliate marketers. By watching a lot of videos & reading articles, I discovered it & also tested it myself, successfully.

I had a few useful e-books with me which I had purchased for myself a few months back. I decided, I will upload one e-book on my Google Drive & give the download link on the landing page. No questions asked! Anyone can visit the landing page & download the e-book. The e-book was of my interest(Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning/Data Science Domain).

I picked up a good Fat Loss product which had very positive reviews. I posted the download link of the e-book on a landing page which also had the products description. I could not track the number of downloads of my e-book, but I got consistent sales of the Fat Loss product.

The Weight Loss product in itself was good. Apart from the Body & Belly Fat Loss, it also-1)helped in it’s users getting a peaceful deep sleep, 2)acted as an anti-aging agent(stopped the accelerated aging process) 3) boosted up your libido(boosted your sex-drive). The product sold itself. The pertinent point was to lead traffic onto the page which had the product description.

The Fat Loss product

You can visit this page to check the Fat Loss product out yourself. This link takes you straight to the product, no landing page in between. This was the Fat Loss Product

As it was not targeted traffic, these sales did not make me rich but it made me realize the enormous potential of targeted traffic. If targeted, refined traffic(people who have shown interest) is sent to the landing page, the results could be amplified.

Where to get a lot of FREE GIVEAWAY Products?

I got to know about a website through which I could download a lot of content for Free. You can register Free of cost and download up-to 200 e-books, software & other files for Free! This is the link to register-

This website has enough FREE downloads(close to 13,000) for starters which they can use as Free giveaways on their landing page to get traffic.

Those who want to scale the Free Giveaway process up, can get access to close to 13000 products. It comes at a very minor one time cost. You can get access to the almost 13000 products for download by clicking here-

My endeavors to get Paid Traffic via Facebook & Google Ads.

I failed. Till now only my Free Traffic methods were successful & were helping me to generate revenue. My paid traffic methods were not successful. My Facebook Ad account got banned. Then my other Facebook ads got rejected. My Google ads/campaigns were either not approved or did not yield any result. This failure happened even though I had followed the setting up process of paid ads, step by step as depicted in the Free YouTube videos available online.

That’s when I reached a conclusion that people will not reveal their secrets, tips or methods which helped them to earn thousands of dollars for Free on videos available on the internet. Free Resources can only give you a superficial knowledge of the process. To learn the finer points which you can actually use, you need to take up a proper paid course.

So I was in the process of making up my mind to get myself enrolled for a short(maybe a few weeks duration) & sweet course which would take me to the next level in Affiliate Marketing. I was already using blogs, social media(Pinterest, Twitter which not many people use) and other sources to generate free traffic & earn.

I needed to learn techniques to quickly scale & fast-track the process of earning. Based on my own analysis I decided the following traits were needed in the mentor/trainer.

Desired Characteristics of the course mentor!

  1. The course mentor of the paid course should himself be an absolutely successful Affiliate marketing expert, himself.
  2. He should be able to teach well. Explanation methods, intonation, delivery of lectures should be good, impressive & easily comprehensible.(There are a lot of people who are subject matter experts themselves but they cannot transfer their expertise via their speech to their audience.)

So I decided that I will go for a paid course to learn from a successful Affiliate marketer who sounded convincing enough. Because Free Traffic was getting me success, but it was slow. I wanted to scale it up fast to achieve financial independence.

I did a lot of research. After my analysis & gut feeling, I zeroed down on two courses. I opted for this one, because the course mentor sounded convincing & the Free Give Away method of adding value to your audience’s life-tip was given by this gentleman. And he was giving a Free Training Session. It was more like a Free demo

I first signed up for the Free training session by clicking here

Then after being fully convinced, I opted for the full-on, detailed training course. I will update once I have finished the course & applied the techniques I learn in the course.

Paid Writing Jobs

After that one by one I came across a lot of resources which helped to generate revenue. When I used to write blogs earlier, only to express myself I used to wonder-how to get paid by writing? But neither did I come across any source neither did I have the time to do the research and find out. With this COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic as I was working from home, I decided to scan all possibilities to generate revenue, try it & share it if I felt it was good.

You can learn how to get paid — to write articles, write blog posts, reviews & how to publish e-books by clicking here

How to Get Paid to Use Social Media(Twitter, YouTube, Facebook)

I came across this opportunity. One can expect to get paid up to $25 per hour or even more to be a Social Media Manager. Companies are paying handsomely to various Social Media Managers or employees who are posting regular updates on the company’s verified social media accounts. You can earn handsomely by only uploading videos onto YouTube!

Get paid to use Twitter. Get paid to mess around on Facebook! Get paid to use Social media. You can get an access to the opportunity by clicking here

I am planning to document my journey from that of a Data Scientist to that of a Content developer. How my content development skills helped me to scale up my earning via Affiliate Marketing Promotions, how the paid course helped me & to what extent!

I have not posted about or other popular resources which already everyone(people who are into Content Development & Affiliate promotions)knows about. I will keep posting updates & links of Freebies/Free Resources, that I get to know of, in my upcoming posts as I am a big fan of the Free Resources myself!

Keep adding value to people’s lives!