How a Next-Gen Access Company Delivers Relevant Customer Experiences with SearchUnify

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How a Next-Gen Access Company Delivers Relevant CX with SearchUnify and Salesforce

Customer experience (CX) is among the most influential drivers of customer loyalty — or disloyalty. To thrive in a customer-centric economy, brands must pair innovative products and services with exceptional CX.

Trusted by more than 2,000 organizations worldwide to secure their business, Idaptive, a leading Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) provider, continually pushes to provide outstanding support to customers while driving innovation — all while outpacing rapid growth. Already leveraging Salesforce Service Cloud plus a customer community powered by Salesforce Experience Cloud to drive self-service, Idaptive wanted to take its customer service to the next level.

To bring a more immersive and relevant customer experience, Idaptive looked to integrate its Salesforce-powered support console with technical documentation, ensuring unified access to case-resolving information for its support team. To complete this transformation, Idaptive turned to SearchUnify, a cognitive search solution available on the AppExchange.

Idaptive’s Trouble with Problem-Solving Content

Idaptive’s support agents had to switch between the documentation portal and support console to find and deliver problem-solving content. This platform-hopping translated into long wait times for the customers, which takes a toll on experience.

Similarly, community members couldn’t access the cornucopia of knowledge that existed on other portals. As a result, they wouldn’t see lots of useful information that resided outside the Salesforce environment.

The primary objective was to provide support engineers the direct access to documentation within the support console and turn the community into a single gateway for knowledge across all repositories.

Doubling Down on CX with SearchUnify

After meticulously analyzing their tech stack, management decided to upgrade Idaptive’s legacy search architecture to a cognitive engine. This upgrade would simultaneously scan multiple repositories and retrieve unified results at the point of search.

Enter SearchUnify. With all its cognitive might, SearchUnify helped to maximize agent productivity and augment community experience for effortless connectivity and discovery. The engine securely integrated help documentation and Salesforce data and made it accessible on the support console and the customer community.

Creating a Richer Support Experience in Salesforce

SearchUnify’s solution created a significant impact on the way Idaptive gleaned insights from its community and delivered customer service within the Salesforce console. With quick access to help documentation and case-resolving data in the support console, Idaptive support agents could elevate the search experience with automatic and manual rank optimization. They could also obtain actionable insights on user behavior, search queries and their outcomes, content usage, top conversions, and more.

The implementation ultimately boiled down to agents saving a lot of time and effort, resulting in higher productivity and more personalized customer service. A side bonus Idaptive saw was the community became an active ground for sharing ideas and experiences.

By the numbers:

  • 15% increase in agent productivity
  • 92% CSAT score
  • 21% increase in case deflection
  • 13% increase in search conversions
  • 28% reduction in searches without results

Raman Kumar, Idaptive’s Senior Vice President, Customer Success, explained just how valuable its partnership with SearchUnify has been. “After implementing SearchUnify, the quality of support improved significantly as our support heroes could access relevant information from inside Salesforce console,” said Kumar.

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