How AI Can Improve Your Security System

Original article was published by venkat vajradhar on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

Although this system is prone to success, many problems arise. The biggest problem is that it can lead to a problem with false alarms. False alarms are obviously uncomfortable but insufficient, and they can lead to a lack of response when a real security problem occurs. If the police or security services receive too many false alarms in a short period of time, they may decide that future events do not require the same urgency of response.

The same may be true of CCTV cameras. Your standard security camera is the most passive measurement. It acts as a deterrent, but in the event of a crime, they only serve to record evidence; They do nothing to prevent crime. Thanks to AI programming, this has begun to change.

With the security system of the future, every aspect of your home care system will be connected through IoT. Everything from CCTV cameras, door locks, lights, and audio sensors can collect data and then be analyzed using machine learning.

By analyzing this data, the system can learn about the habits and activities common to the property. Once the system has a profile of regular functionality, it can use what it has learned to manage the home security process more effectively.

You start to see things like locks, which come together with cameras to detect different visitors, not just knowing the normal times that different people come and go. It allows information program access decisions to be made.

The system may also notice that you have forgotten to lock your doors when you leave home and send a reminder to your smartphone. After you receive the notification, you can use the linked smartphone app to lock the door without returning home.

Smart security cameras

Security cameras are widely recognized as one of the most effective exploit resistors. When a thief sees the cameras, they are likely to pick up another target. The impact of these cameras has made them more common in home security. Their popularity is also growing thanks to the recent progress we have made in CCTV technology.

Features such as HD recording, cloud storage, and remote monitoring are common in modern security cameras. In addition, some new systems have begun to use AI programming, making CCTV more effective. With machine learning, the security system can be learned to detect people at home. This helps the system when it needs to decide whether to trigger an alarm.