How AI Engineer will transform the face of education in future

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How AI Engineer will transform the face of education in future

With an emphasis on interactive learning and creating personalised education model, artificial intelligence is relied upon to make education progressively effective and fun, writes Sachin Dev Duggal, CEO of

In recent years, innovation has changed the manner in which we see the reality of our world. Be it associating with individuals over the world via social media, shopping garments from an online store or having food supplies conveyed directly at our doorstep, today, human endurance sans innovation is simply unimaginable.

Through these years, science fiction, authors, futurists, and movie makers the same have additionally been foreseeing the astonishing (and some of the time disastrous) changes that will emerge with advent of widespread artificial intelligence (AI) — saw as the ‘subsequent stage in human development’. Those not so much acquainted with AI may imagine a future loaded with robots that behave like humans. However, in truth,, AI is nothing but advanced algorithms assisting machines in impersonating human behaviour, particularly in excess errands across industries. With so broad an impact, education makes certain to be touched by AI but the question is how?

AI capabilities matter

Artificial intelligence has made inroads into our lives and is transforming the way we execute the simplest of tasks, regularly. Based on user history, experiences or current usage pattern displays, AI can fulfill a myriad of demands for multiple users. It rests heavily upon profound learning principles and NLP (natural language processing techniques), wherein machines can read large amounts of data and process it to produce appropriate output, without needing any user intervention. Artificial intelligence involves the sophisticated application of smart algorithms to provide results and even, the ability to read the user intention for future implementation. Some critical aspects of AI are expert systems, speech recognition, and machine vision, apart from deep learning and NLP. Hence, it has emerged as the most capable choice to automate several administrative tasks, which otherwise involves layers of human intervention for businesses and key economic sectors, impacting the ROI drastically.

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