How AI Will Change Email Marketing Strategy?

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How AI Will Change Email Marketing Strategy?

E-mail is the most significant mode of business communication and it is hard to imagine a business world without it. By 2023, there will be approximately 4.3 billion email users worldwide, according to Statista. 73% percent of millennials, aka the generation, gradually influencing the demographic of big brands’ client bases, prefer to communicate business dealings and affairs via email. In the B2B spectrum, email marketing is as important as ever. Statista also revealed that 30% of marketing specialists worldwide mentioned that, of all marketing channels, email marketing offers the maximum ROI.

Given the significance of email marketing to businesses, it is no surprise that the use of Artificial Intelligence, specifically, is rapidly growing amongst email marketers. Almost every industry today is embracing automation tools and technology as it cut down costs and slims intricate processes. AI technology is advantageous in E-mail marketing strategy as it can scrutinize data much more professionally than a human. AI is useful to a lot of other rising trends in the tech perspective like machine learning, big data, and more.

AI in marketing now allows most business brands to easily learn which elements of an email strategy need to be adjusted and which truly work. Techniques like smart segmentation; email automation workflow, optimized email subject lines, and more can assist increase click-through rates (CTR) and open rates. It has revolutionized every digital native’s life.

· Forrester Research has estimated that businesses who use the newest AI tech to drive e-mail marketing will grow $1.2 trillion annually from those who don’t

· As stated by a new report from Tractica, the worldwide AI market is entering a fresh stage where the narrative is moving from buzz to reality.

· 49% of businesses say they already employ automation in email marketing strategy, and this figure is expected to rise as business owners and marketers see future developments

· GetResponse and Ascend’s current study reported that around 63 % of B2B marketers have fairly increased their email marketing budgets every year owing to satisfactory campaign results, while 18 % reduced investments due to deteriorating performance

· Socialmediatoday’s stats revealed with artificial intelligence, 82 percent of marketers reported high open rates after using customized techniques and plan of actions in their email marketing campaigns; 75 percent accepted it produced high click-through rates.

· Tractica, also revealed that the returns coming from software using AI tech are going to rise from around 9.5 billion dollars in 2018 to $118.6 Billion annually Worldwide Revenue by 2025. AI is going to have enormous growth which indeed would lead to the record growth of email marketing too.

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Defining the main goals will give you clearer ideas about the shape of your email marketing campaign. Knowing what exactly you wish to accomplish is the crucial step towards aligning your strategies and aims into an overarching and coherent strategy

Make certain that your goals are: SMART

• Specific — understandable and precise

• Measurable — simple to track

• Achievable- attainable

• Realistic- sensible

• Time-specific — when are you aiming to attain your goals?

Use OKRs

This means clarifying the key results you wish to get from each goal and fulfillment of how you can give your efforts towards these results.

Leverage AI to make the most out of their email marketing campaign

AI in email marketing technology is already changing how marketers develop, arrange, plan, and implement e-mail campaigns. The main challenges for a lucrative email marketing strategy are:

  • Increasing lead generation
  • Increasing engagement
  • Increasing conversions

Here’s how Artificial Intelligence can benefit email marketing in the long run:

  1. Automation and AI technology can easily optimize and produce content in several email-marketing friendly formats
  2. AI in marketing can provide a detailed analysis of several email marketing campaigns
  3. It takes the guesswork of equation and deciding the timing of your emails and following up
  4. AI can re-target by analyzing user’s browsing preferences and habits and sending email to increase the probability of conversions
  5. It can even boost the daily results and performance of email marketing campaigns and strategy
  6. AI can assist companies in retaining existing customers while discovering new ones
  7. AI technology can provide better insights into business growth

In short, incorporating Artificial Intelligence in email marketing strategies can lead to better personalization, higher conversion rates, smart segmentation, improve customer gratification, and thus observe a substantial increase in client retention.

8 ways AI is transforming Email Marketing

Artificial intelligence has enormous traits that can change the email marketing field for better. Let’s take broader insights into how marketers can integrate and leverage AI to make the most out of their email marketing strategies:

1. Personalized E-mails Technique to Build Smarter Campaigns

Personalization is crucial to email marketing practices. Emails with a personalized subject line are 26% more likely to be clicked on and bring 6x greater transaction value. Even 74% of marketers believe that targeted personalization boosts their overall client engagement rates.

Importance of Personalized Emails:

  • Personalized emails undoubtedly make an email very likely to be clicked and opened
  • Such emails stand out within the inbox as appropriate, extremely relevant, custom-made material
  • Genuine personalization allows the email marketer to personalize content to an individual audience
  • Personalized emails support client experiences by sending the right subject line with the right content to the right users at the right time

Thanks to email marketing tools, personalizing emails can become as simpler as using email list segmentation together with personalization tags. AI technology in email marketing allows for an even higher degree of personalization by analyzing the target customer’s behavior, making it simpler to find out what sorts of content they will respond to. With the aid of predictive analytics, AI can get hold of complicated client data, algorithms, client’s behavior on the basis of previous interactions, and data trends. Thanks to the newest platforms like Persado and Phrasee, email marketers can allow AI tech to determine which body copy, subject lines, and calls-to-action recipients are more likely to respond to.

Genuine personalization allows the email marketer to:

· Understand the real-time tastes and interests of each consumer

· Personalize content to an audience of one

· Be continuously updated based on user behaviors

2. Email Subject Lines Optimization with AI

Undoubtedly, this is a core element of your messages. While a perfect subject line will appeal user’s attention, an unappealing subject line will expediently be marked as spam or ignored. Subject lines with just 5 words make a 15.9 percent increase in open rates over longer ones. Chadwick Martin Bailey, the survey revealed that nearly 40 percent of customers decide whether or not they will clock on an email solely based on the email subject line. A subject line needs to be optimized to avoid the most common mistakes, counting:

· Too many potential actions

· Too long sentences

· No personalization

AI-powered technology with new ideas creates subject lines that can appeal to greater CTR. It analyzes the outcomes of individual email marketing campaigns to optimize the email subject over time. Even thanks to smart email marketing tools like Phrasee that uses AI tech to generate efficient subject lines. It optimizes your email in the following modes:

· Personalized and optimized subject lines

· Body copy that will drive a click

· Call to Actions to drive conversions

In short, AI technology can analyze what sorts of content and copy are highly effective.

3. Predictive Analytics and Metrics

Predictive analytics is the email marketing modern trends used by marketers today. This secret power can support them to make highly effective email marketing campaigns and start selling in the smartest way to analyze the data of subscribers and site visitors. Predictive analytics identifies how customers are liable to respond to particular promotional offers or email, and thus assists you create proper and personalized content like never before.

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In addition to using the AI-powered algorithm to optimize email marketing campaigns, marketers are also leveraging artificial intelligence, ML, statistical algorithms, and modeling to scrutinize existing data and predict forthcoming changes. Now, the question is how much influence predictive analytics will have on email marketing campaigns? Forrester surveyed around 579 decision-makers in marketing to support in answering this question. The outcome is as follows:

  • 78 % declared that all email marketing approaches will soon become predictive
  • 82 % agreed that predictive email marketing will be crucial to stay on the edge
  • 81 % are planning to amplify the predictive analytics used to drive email marketing results

The highly advanced AI-driven technique identifies the customers on a granular level. There are countless of examples of predictive email analytics and personalization around the net, where Netflix is the famous one.

4. Customizing Special Email Promotions

Offering special promotions to your customized email list is a great technique to both influence more users to sign up to the list and to grow sales. Email marketing with AI helps in planning the special promotions and right strategy for optimizing the email frequency. Email marketers can generate sales easily by customizing the promotions and optimal offers to each individual customer.

The AI-powered algorithm knows what promo works better with each of your users based on their interests, habits, and history, whether it’s product discounts, rebates, recommendations, or freebies. With more and more people subscribing to your newsletter every day, the sales data keeps mounting and it needs to be managed. AI-powered techniques enable email marketers to study user behavior and manage the data to send customized promotional e-mails to every customer.

For instance, according to Salesforce, Artificial Intelligence can analyze your current subscribers’ behavior everything from buying patterns to site forms. It also categorizes patterns that assist in segmenting your audience in fresh ways. It does this way quicker than any human could.

Too much promotion and persons will unsubscribe and people will forget what the particular business is about.” Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, the possibility of conversions is appreciably increased. AI-powered software optimizes minimal promotions, can use pre-written promotions, images, copy, links, curated content, blog post snippets, and even machine-generated content to create emails that are optimized and customized for a high engagement rate. This kind of individual promotion would be not possible without the power of AI.

5. Smart Segmentation and E-mail Retargeting with AI

Are you sending the right emails to the right audience? Is your subscriber list segmented optimally? Each user has exceptional actions and a behavioral trait that differentiates it from the rest of the consumer base. Segmentation is remarkably useful and email marketing campaigns have been shown to boosts revenue by 760%. Eventually, AI-powered techniques will improve data to the point at which consumers may be targeted individually for hyper-relevant marketing. Furthermore, segmenting each subscriber on the basis of criteria like a position in sales funnel geographical location, demographics, purchase history, can help you target your users better.

With the emergence of artificial intelligence and machine learning, it has become simpler for email specialists to get access to specific customer details and fine-tune your retargeting strategy. Appropriate emails ensure you are sending the right information to interested customers, thus facilitating CTRs and conversions. AI can also distinguish between distinct types of customers and send the retargeting emails at an optimal time. When a user abandons a shopping cart, AI can retarget that client by sending an email either to finally recommend a similar item or purchase the product. In short, segmentation with AI can take your email marketing campaign to the next level.

Final Verdict

Taking benefits of smart technologies like AI can optimize your email marketing campaigns and allow you to attain your KPIs and ROI faster. Artificial Intelligence has become an integral part of any email marketing strategy. In conclusion, AI-powered email marketing is the way to go. So, what are you waiting for? Make your email marketing strategies stand out amidst the bottleneck competition.

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