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How Artificial Intelligence (AI) can fight the coronavirus

You may have seen various movies or read short stories from creative minds who think that artificial intelligence is going to become the death of humanity

There are many who believe that the power of artificial intelligence (AI) might be what brings London out of the current Covid-19 crisis.

In fact, many leaders in the AI industry in the UK and worldwide, from companies like Amazon, Apple, and Google have even been attending meeting to discuss how their combined efforts might help to flatten the curve.

One major strength that many of these companies have in common is their incredible means for gathering, sorting, and evaluating massive amounts of data. In some respects, these companies were literally created to help with a massive outbreak like this, especially in highly concentrated cities like London.

Facebook, for example, has the information needed to gather data about population in the UK. This information can be used to make predictions about how the virus might spread or move around.

Think for a moment about the number of times you have typed your symptoms into a Google search to seek information about your experience. What do you suspect that Google does with all of the data it has from all of the people who type symptoms into Google.

This UK data combined with the data from other major companies such as Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft can be a really powerful tool in understanding how Covid-19 is moving.

Technology companies also want to combat the viral spreading of flat-out misinformation surrounding the virus. While there is not any reliable research circulating regarding how much false information remains in circulation, these companies know that there are probably millions of such articles floating around.

Google has created a banner that appears near undocumented information that pops up in a Google search. In a similar plea for trustworthy information, YouTube has posted a link to the World Health Organisation’s website directing users away from their platform.

From YouTube, this is a major shift from a focus on gathering and retaining users to turning them toward reliable sources of information.

Behind the scenes, there are other London technology companies, not so well-known to the public, who are working to help create accurate models and algorithms for vaccine possibilities for the Covid-19 cure.

These companies are using software to do a variety of drug-related searches that could help slow the spread of Covid-19. In laymen’s terms, they are scanning databases to find information from previous known vaccines to help design a working vaccine for Covid-19.

Although the use of AI significantly speeds up this process, the actual creation of a drug to vaccinate against the virus will take years to come.

Lastly, other companies are using their robot models to design AI that can take over human roles to further promote social distancing. AI’s major role in the Covid-19 vaccine is one many reasons that high-profile investors such as Tej Kohli choose to invest in the AI medical industry each year to boost the strength of the platform.

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