How Artificial Intelligence helps us work from home | PISIQ Team

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How Artificial Intelligence helps us work from home | PISIQ Team

The emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) in everyday life is becoming more and more common. AI boom is happening all over the world. It teaches computers and robots how to make sense of jobs that we humans do, and as a result makes life simpler by letting the computers take the job of doing the tasks. And with the occurrence of the pandemic, it’s more needed than ever before. The potential of artificial intelligence (AI) cannot be underestimated. Now, with all this pandemic and COVID-19, workers are forced to not step into the office and are requested to work from home. So, will the life of workers ever get back to normal? This is why PISIQ has come up with this article after conducting a lot of research to explain to you how artificial intelligence helps us work from home. Along with this we will also cover the frequently asked following questions / topics: –

  1. Which fields are using AI to make work at home easier?
  2. What are some ways by which applying machine learning can simplify work at home?
  3. Benefits of using AI to work from home

Implementing AI in life will help you save time and instead do other tasks where a human touch and inspection is necessary. The future is planning to substitute most jobs that are dangerous to humans, such as chemical processing and mining with machines, so that humans have room to develop their skills in other fields. According to a study the following sectors require AI the most: –

  • Information Technology
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Customer Service

If you were or are working remotely in one of the above mentioned fields, it’s likely that you have heard of the use or the plans to implement AI in one of these sectors.

Which fields are using AI to make work at home easier?

  • Information and Technology (IT)

In the information and technology (IT) field, machine learning is applied to perform the cyber security tasks, to resolve any existing technical issue or problem and to fix them within a second and lots of other things too. This work can be done by humans too, but it is going to take a lot more time and will require more time to hire people for these jobs. For example, if a company faces a technical issue, the company will have to call the IT specialist, and the technician will have to come over to the office and analyze the problem and fix it. Instead of all these steps, using a machine is the smartest alternative.

In the marketing department, A.I. is used to advertise the right products to the right customer after analyzing what the customer is most interested in. A machine knows this by checking all the information and the most recently viewed item by the customer. Using this, you don’t need a worker who sits in the office and advertises a few selected products. Machines can do this task better than a human faster, safer and better.

Most of the current use of AI in such industries helps existing computers run smoothly and complete monotonous tasks and employees will have the opportunity to work on even complex tasks which machines cannot do. However, companies always never mean to replace workers with machines. Instead machines are just used for the improvement of the current process. Time saved by using A.I. allows remote managers more time to work on the task’s humans do best such as building social relationships, making judgment related decisions and designing teams and processes that improve company culture.

Integration of AI is going to lead to an upward spike in the requirement of workers and not in the replacement of workers by machines as you may expect. Telerobotics is another field of Machine Learning where machines are controlled remotely from homes or anywhere nearby using just WiFi, Bluetooth, Deep Space Network, etc. With the help of this, managers can sit at home and use telerobotics to attend meetings even if the manager is physically on the other end of earth.

Even if you’re strong at working at home, your business will not be able to keep up with the demands of the customers. You will need AI powered bots to make responses faster and it’s the best way to mitigate the volume volatility.

What are some ways by which applying machine learning can simplify work at home?

We have a made a list of 3 Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions that can help to improve the efficiency of working at home to support your customers: –

Obviously, chatbots (also known as “conversational agents”) is placed as first in this list because it’s one of the most widely used and most useful AI applications. It stimulates a conversation with the customer and will be able to solve an issue immediately, or give information about a product or the company. According to a survey, 41% of the customers prefer chat support over voice. Statistics also reports that chat support gets 83.1% customer satisfaction compared to the most common CX platform. Chat based robots can reduce inbound calls by as much as 70%, which is a big deal. This means that your company can save time and money if they plan to create a built-in chat bot instead of ordering the workers to work at home. Using predetermined key phrases or text signals, an AI-based chatbot can answer customer queries. The efficiency of these bots helps reduce repetitive tasks so agents can focus on more important call support. With innovation in communication, chat programs are much easier to implement. Apps like Twitter, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Wechat can now install AI plugins. And since these are widely used apps, customers can connect with brands whenever and wherever they are.

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

You may have experienced this when you call a company, for example, when you dial the bank because you need some assistance, it will first ask you to enter a number to choose the language, and after that it will ask you to enter another number to choose what category does the problem fall under, and so on. But IVR is more than just this. IVR is coupled with CX technologies that enable companies to automate inbound and outbound calls through a voice-based virtual assistant. This leads to a superb CX that shortens the usually long IVR workflows. Now because of the increase in the number of COVID cases all across the world, a natural language IVR solution manages call volume and customer satisfaction in the most natural, human way possible.

  • Human Resource Helpdesk Assistant

Despite the uncertainty of the current situation, the human resource department should always be available to answer all the questions of their employees. During these difficult times, access to vital information is important to ensure the applicants and the employees won’t feel left out.

Unfortunately, because of the limited decisions taken by the HR, this task can be quite difficult to undertake. This is why robots are available to provide a positive experience to the employee. Smart help desk assistants can be easily programmed to send the latest information on COVID-19, basic health tips to follow and alerts regarding process changes due to the virus.

Information should also be displayed in an interactive e app, with a chatbot interface so that users can easily find data in a system they are familiar with.

If your business has been affected by the lockdown measures undertaken by the government, this is the right time for you to look into work at home solutions to keep your customer experience afloat. Robots can effectively and efficiently help you jump-start this strategy.

Remember, in calamities like today, companies that are quick to react will be ahead of the game and will survive without taking any losses. If you keep wasting time, your customers will move to your competitors with the possibility of never looking back.

Benefits of using AI to work from home

Alright, from what we read above, let’s sum up the benefits of working from home. Here are 3 benefits of working from home: –

Saves Time

Obviously, by using the given resources creatively, the machine will be able to solve tasks within seconds whereas humans will take more than an hour.

Back-Office Tasks

As we have discussed, when cutting edge technology is used to replace human workers, humans will have more space to work on other tasks and be more creative in that department. This will help run the business even smoother and faster.

Sales Prioritization

AI powered sales bots can help advertise the right products to the right people, which will result in more leads.

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