How Artificial Intelligence is Redefining Enterprise Mobility in 2020?

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How Artificial Intelligence is Redefining Enterprise Mobility in 2020?

Amongst all the technical advancements that happened in recent times, artificial intelligence has gained a special position in the global market. From healthcare, and finance, to retail and even in education, artificial intelligence has been redefining the enterprises for the past few years now. The robust technology offered many new tools and systems like automated chatbots, virtual assistants, and even AI-driven robots that could help healthcare experts in treating the patients in an effective manner.

According to trusted sources, AI has become the top most priority of almost 30% of the CIOs, helping them in the investment process. Furthermore, witnessing the huge success of AI many major industries like healthcare, finance, and manufacturing, have started to invest in artificial intelligence applications.

Many enterprises also benefited from the latest AI-advancements. Enterprise mobility is one such perfect aspect that has been redefined by artificial intelligence. Though enterprise mobile applications were already making huge enhancements in the business processes, the addition of AI factor added an extra perk to that process. Enterprise mobility along with AI has been benefiting the global corporations in a lot of ways. Like for instance, we already know that enterprise mobile applications were profiting the businesses by increasing the efficiency and automating the task. However, the addition of AI into enterprise mobility further ensured the security and effectiveness in the business operations.

With AI-driven enterprise mobile applications, the employees of your organization could seamlessly work from home. Additionally, the smart AI enterprise applications, by perceiving the data and behaviour of the user further optimizes the business operations while leading the company to explore new opportunities and attain higher efficiency.

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Stats and Facts on AI and Enterprise Mobility

Here are some facts that relate to the fact that artificial intelligence is redefining enterprise mobility.

  • The global investment in AI is expected to reach $57.6 billion by the year 2021, where most of the investment will be done by healthcare, manufacturing and retail industry.
  • The global spending on artificial intelligence is predicted to increase to $ 7.3 billion per year by the year 2022. That is something huge as compared to the total spending of the year 2018, which was around $2 billion per year.
  • Around 61% of the global population, especially the industrialists is very optimistic about AI advancements. They all strongly expect AI to make the world better for them.
  • The implementation of artificial intelligence in the enterprises was only 4% in 2018. However, the number is expected to increase to a whopping 46% in the upcoming years as predicted by many CIOs and corporate leaders. The reason for high implementation is surely because of the ways in which artificial intelligence is redefining enterprise mobility.
  • Lastly, the market size of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and the enterprise mobility is expected to reach $73.30 billion by the year 2021. That number was only $35 billion in the year 2016.

So, the facts mentioned above, without a doubt, reveal that AI is redefining enterprise mobility and the future of AI in enterprises is very bright. Let us now look at some ways in which artificial intelligence is redefining enterprise mobility.

8 Ways in which AI is Reshaping Enterprise Mobility

1. Smart Enterprise Mobile Applications

The first and foremost way through which artificial intelligence is redefining enterprise mobility is by enhancing and simplifying the enterprise mobile app development process. Now we all know that enterprise mobile applications are a great source of streamlining most of the business operations. Furthermore, with the addition of AI the enterprise mobile applications became much more advanced and secure.

AI improved the capability of enterprise mobile applications, to understand the user’s behaviour and enabled them to streamline the operations and tasks as per the user preferences. Additionally, the use of effective resources to optimize the application and eliminate exhaustive memory-consuming apps also made AI the perfect choice for enterprise mobility.

2. Automated Reasoning

Automated reasoning is another way through which AI is redefining enterprise mobility. Now those who are unaware of the term, automated reasoning is the subfield of artificial intelligence in which programs are built to reason automatically. That means, you do not need to instruct the application or the program, it will automatically optimize the best decision for you.

The best example of automated reasoning is tai booking apps like Uber. Uber utilizes an automated reasoning concept to select the best possible way for the passenger so that they can reach their destinations faster. The app does that by finding the most appropriate route in real-time that has least traffic and is short. Also Read: How to make apps like Uber?

3. Superior User-Engagement

User engagement is the most crucial thing for every business that is related to customers. No matter what industry you deal in, you need to have appealing customer services to engage your users and to lure new customers. That’s where AI comes into play!

When enterprise mobile applications integrate with artificial intelligence, it creates smart modules to help the business understand their users and their behaviour patterns. Once you know what exactly your user is looking for, you can deliver more personalized services and that in turn enhances your user experience. So, that’s how artificial intelligence is redefining enterprise mobility. Find out more about how AI is used in mobile apps by clicking here

4. Data Mining and Predictive Analysis

Data mining and predictive analysis are the two most vital benefits of AI that have the capabilities to transform business operations into a more simplified version. Data mining is the process of extracting all the crucial user data with the help of Big Data analytics so that it can be used by the enterprises to deliver personalized services.

However, with recent advancements in artificial intelligence, the data mining process has been modified to predictive analysis. To put it simple, with recent advancements in AI, the descriptive process of analyzing loads of data shifted to a more modern approach of refining the crucial data and predicting its impact on business. The predictive analysis works on some AI models, that tells us what the problem is and how it can be solved. Below is an pictorial representation of how predictive analysis works on different AI models.

5. Sentiment Analysis

You might be aware of how the chatbots have been ruling the customer service by simply automating the answering process. Meaning, anytime the user enters the query in your customer service platform, and if the appropriate person is not available, then the chatbots will send an automated reply that best fits their query. Now, that’s how things went in the past, until the recent advancements in AI brought a new branch called sentiment analysis.

As the name suggests, sentiment analysis is the process through which the system can seamlessly understand not only the text of the user’s query but also the sentiment behind it. Meaning, the AI-driven enterprise applications could now seamlessly understand the emotion behind each message of the user and then answers to those questions in an efficient way.

Furthermore, the sentiment analysis also gives the enterprise more detailed insights into the customer’s opinions, satisfaction levels, and their valuable reviews and comments. That can possibly help the businesses to create more effective marketing and customer service strategies in the future.

6. AI-driven Chatbots

Who doesn’t know about chatbots? Chatbots are one of the most critical and popular aspects that AI has given to the global businesses in the past. And since their inception, chatbots have been serving all the demands of the modern-day industry in an efficient manner. Whether in analyzing the customer behavior or in answering all the queries in absence of appropriate person, chatbots has benefited the global market a lot.

And with the recent advancements in AI, chatbots have become more capable in the things they are doing from the past few years. Like the introduction of sentiment analysis in AI further improved the working of chatbots. Meaning, now they have the ability to answer the queries of the user with more perfection taking their sentiments into account. Also, the advancement in the natural language process further improved the customer service experience of the organization efficiently.

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7. Anomaly Detection

Besides enhancing customer services and business operations there are more ways through which artificial intelligence is redefining enterprise mobility. Besides understanding the user behaviour, AI is also smart enough to understand the habits and behaviour of the user at enterprise level.

That means, AI uses its in-depth knowledge and robust tools to understand the working pattern, behaviour, and topology of the organization to discover security incidents. It continuously monitors the on-going activities, and triggers an alarm whenever it senses an external threat and abnormalities. Now that’s an amazing way to quickly inspect the security threats of the enterprise mobility.

8. Resource Saving

By far we all learned that artificial intelligence is redefining enterprise mobility. Ut, there is one more factor that adds to that process of redefining and that is resource saving. Now, it is a known fact that we as humans are very much comfortable working and utilizing our own niche. For instance, we are fully aware of our system’s speed, accuracy and efficiency, and that’s why we feel very comfortable in working with those systems.

The lates advancements in AI has helped the enterprise mobile applications to undertsand the user’s needs and wants. That’s why today, we can see that our enterpise applications can sync very well with any preferred devices and also prioritizes the apps abd tools that are most useful for us.

Furthermore, the AI-powered applications also optimizes the device’s performance by prioritizing CPU, RAm and ROM. that in turn, helps the businesses to achieve BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) very efficiently. So all in all, whether an employee is working from office, or from home, the latest AI-driven enterprise mobile applications makes the working easy for them.

Challenges to Implement AI in Business Operations

Although AI has a vast potential to enhance the business operations, there are certain challenges that need to be addressed before implementing AI in enterprises.

1. Reshape IT Infrastructure

The most critical issue that needs to be addressed before implementing AI-driven enterprise applications is to reshape your enterprise’s infrastructure. That means, you should prioritize all the things that can be efficiently handle by artificial intelligence and which requires minimal human intervention. That way you could also save a lot of monetory resources and can even make your work more automated and efficient.

2. Security Concerns

There is no doubt that latest technologies can be beneficial in imparting new values to your business, but, the security aspect should also be considered before implementing them. And that’s what the case is with AI.

For instance, with the increased use of chatbots, your organization should ensure that the chatbots are safe and free from any malicious attacks. Otherwise, you may suffer from loss of critical business data and who knows, loss of money. So, always assure the security of the tools and latest systems that you are implementing in your organization.

3. Skilled Team Requirements

The next big issue that needs to be addressed is the training of the existing team members or the hring of skilled workforce. Now, you need to remember that it is your employees who will be working on enterprise mobile applications. And if you are planning to adopt techniques by which AI is redefining enterprise mobility, then you should nsure that your empliyees are well aware of that thing.

Meaning, you should train your employees or should consult them before deploying any latest system in your organization. Also, you can look for someojne who has the complete knowledge of the system that you are planning to implement in your organization. That way, you will get effective results and you will be successful in redefining your enterprise mobility.

4. AI Washing

Last but not least is AI washing. Now, AI washing may seem a new term to some of you. So, to solve that issue, let’s know what AI washing is! To lure more customers and to generate more opportunities many customer nowadays exaggerate the term AI in many of their software products.

As a result, many times, a user might gets confused over which one is genuine and which one is not! So, you need to plan ways to find the most trusted product. One of the robust ways to do that is to invest in custom enterprise mobility. You can consult an expericned software engineering firm like Matellio, and can develop your enterprise mobile application specifically for your company needs. To get a free consultation, visit today!

To Conclude

To conclue, we can say that things are changing drastically in today’s modern world. What once was a sci-fi term has today become a reality of the global market. AI is alsdo one such term that was considered as a fictious term in the past. But, today AI has become the most popular and successful technology in transforming not only the business processes but also in solving the evryday problems of the common people.

That’s why today, almost 71% of the compaies leverage AI-powered solutions. Do you also want to becme a part fo the same community? Do you want to enhance your business operations and become a global leader? Do visit us at to dscover more about AI-powered solutions offered by leading software engineering firm Matellio.