How Artificial Intelligence will change the future

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How Artificial Intelligence will change the future

How Artificial Intelligence will change the future

Artificial Intelligence Future:

Artificial Intelligence is the future of the world which also known as AI, it is most growing technology in today’s world which will going to change world more than anything in the history of mankind. There is no industry or human begin whose life has been not affected by Artificial Intelligence, AI is considered as a major driving force of latest technologies such as robotics, big data analysis, virtual intelligence etc.

“ The use of Artificial Intelligence is elixir to future, but humanity is acquiring all the right technology for wrong reason”.

In past 20 years Artificial Intelligence is continuously astonishing us with various innovation, Today there many organization working on AI project and giving meaning to future technology. There are some example of Artificial Intelligence such as AI driverless car, Facial recognitionfeature, AI auto pilot mod e in commercial flight,google assistance, SIRI, Alexa etc. that shows that AI in future is beyond our imagination.

A lot of business and people expecting a wide breakthrough in Artificial Intelligence in coming years, however we still have to wait to see the potential of AI and transformation of industries by implementing new technology in business.

Future Supposition of Artificial Intelligence

As we all know that AI is changing our life, looking to future it is easy to expect a world in which AI is going to play more significant role in changing our daily life,

world can witness following changes in future:

Getting more advance with self-driving cars:

In current scenario world is already moving towards self driving cars, but in coming years their is more changes of advance of self-driving car or driverless car .

Artificial Intelligence andRobotics emergence:

In future you will see most of work is going to be perform by robots and AI. The incorporation of AI technology in robots will enhance the performance of work.

Artificial Intelligence is also going to impact on our personal life in future:

AI has already enter in our household in future it will also impact in our personal life such as in current scenario people are using Alexa, SIRI, etc.

The repercussion of Artificial Intelligence on our Society

Technology is changing the way of living, these changes are conveniences and ways of problem solving that were never possible before. There some repercussion of AI on society:

Increasingly intelligent system:

We are already living in world where AI can perform better than human, Artificial Intelligence can now mimic human speech, translate languages, diagnose cancer, draft legal document and play games etc. we are in the world where capability non- human system increases.

System becomes more omnipresent:

This is basically about online and offline world means real space and cyberspace one of them will became less important as we can see that AI has entered in our household and daily life. The technologies are more capable and integrated in the world around us.

Increasingly quantified society:

We generates huge amount of data in every couple of hours, In today’s scenario data is most essential and powerful, it can caught, captured, stored and those who own it and control it have insight on our life they know what we think, what we care about, how we feel, where we go, what we buy, whom we speak, what we say. These are some repercussion of artificial intelligence.

Risk of Artificial Intelligence

“Artificial Intelligence has been hailed as revolutionary and world-changing, but it’s not without drawbacks.”

Job automation is generally most important concern, it is no longer matter that AI will replace certain type of job, but up to what extend. According to experts it has been proved that in coming years almost 70% of work will be performed by machine or AI such as ranging from retail sales market and analysis to hospitality and warehouse industry all work will be perform by AI.

Privacy, security and risk of Deepfakes:

Every person have write to privacy, but privacy concern are cropping up as companies feed more and more consumer and vendor data, AI provides Personal data; the data that has not been provided by individual consent. There is colossal risk of deepfake such as a person is an existing image or video is replace with someone else it creates fake news, viral absurdity, frauds etc.

World has become much smaller because of technology, this means Artificial intelligence needs new rules and regulation to determine safe and effective global interaction. since because of global interaction world is connected to each other one country can affect other country.

In today’s scenario we are surrounded by technology, it has increases changes of unethical hacking and AI is beyond the ability of human to follow, because of automation unlawful activities increases such as phishing,delivery of virus to the software, unethical hacking etc.

Artificial Intelligence will change the future of Marketing

Artificial Intelligence appears to influence the marketing strategies, business model, sales process, consumer behaviors, the transformation can be understood in following industries:

1.) Transportation Industries:

Driverless, AI enables cars may be just around the corner, promising to alter both business model and consumer behavior. Taxi and ride- sharing business must evolve to avoid being marginalized by AI- enabled transportation model; demand for automobile insurance, demand for security system in car has been increased.

2.) Sales process in industries:

Sales process is going to change in future such as sales people will assist by AI agent that monitor Tele-conversation in real time like using advance voice analysis capability, provide real time feedback.

Currently used by retail sales which required customer to place the order, after online retail ships the product, with AI online retailing can predict what consumer wants, assuming these prediction can achieve high accuracy, retailers might transition shipping — then shopping business model.

Artificial Intelligence is modifying Human resource

Artificial intelligence integration in human resources practices will make organisation better because these application can analysis, predict and diagnose to help HR team for better decision making.

AI has automated the HR business processes which were repetitive and time consuming for HR software can analyze hundred of job network sites by scanning through candidate’s online presence via social media platform and predict how compatible are they to accept the role if offered to them.

The involvement of AI in human resource shows fast and effective of way of hiring, it is unbiased method of hiring and real- time data and predictive model of machine learning.

The AI in HR analytics provides matrix on staff performance, turnover, processes, strategies. AI powered high-tech video interview, voice modulation, facial recognition to make unbiased assessment.

AI Powered Home Devices



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