How Avoy plans to change travel in a post COVID-19 world

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How Avoy plans to change travel in a post COVID-19 world

It’s safe to say that we are living in strange times. We are faced with a global public health challenge that has shuttered stores, restaurants and caused entire countries to lock their doors. The entire business community has taken a big hit, however, certain sectors have surrendered to an evaporation of almost all demand in recent weeks. The hospitality & tourism industry is one of them.

Sure, we may not be hopping on planes to visit faraway lands as we were a couple of weeks ago, but we think that Avoy can help all of us stuck in quarantine still experience the sense of discovery that travel brings to our lives.

What is Avoy?

Avoy is an invite-only travel inspiration app to discover the world’s best hidden holiday destinations.

Avoy has a curated selection of the best travel destinations that you (probably) haven’t heard about that will invoke wanderlust to the highest degree (especially when trapped indoors like us). Swipe, save and learn about each destination all while on-the-go. As you build out an amazing wishlist of destinations to travel to, sit back and we will send you (future) deals and interesting content for these destinations right to your phone.

The growth of the travel industry

Reasonable airfares, a more globally curious set of travelers and the comfort the internet provides us have led to a global spike in people leaving their homes to explore somewhere new. This growth has been consistent and (until last week), and only really outpaced by the rapid growth of travelers has been the growth of travel bloggers, apps and all sorts of travel content.

So why build Avoy?

How is it that with all these bloggers, apps and content out there we still cluster to the same destinations, causing some cities to sink under the weight of overtourism, or wonders of the world to restrict access to prevent complete destruction.

The way that search has dominated our internet lives has resulted in many benefits for us, however, its modus operandi is to bubble up the most “relevant” response to a particular query, leading to SEO-friendly blogs full of nothing but nonsense and generic recommendations. Not to mention, the copycat culture that social media has created when we see where our peers and idols have jetted off to.

We want to break that dull cycle of homogeneity with a simple, fun product that allows users to discover places that they might not encounter otherwise. Just through the sheer act of exposing ourselves to new places and ideas we can broaden our horizon and truly explore somewhere unique.

Updates for v 1.2:

Traveling in a Post Covid-19:

It is obvious to the fact that the world is going to be looking quite different Post Covid-19. This crisis is something that has affected every single one of us throughout the world and we urge everyone to take the necessary precautions when it comes to traveling and living your day to day life. When the world gets back on track. We will still have the need to wander off the beaten path but we also want to be diligent with where we are going. With all of these issues in mind — we have added a new feature to Avoy with Alerts & Warnings depending on which area you are thinking about jetting off to next when the world is safe to do so once again😊

Travel Warnings and Notices

Updates for flight deals:

Given all the uncertainty regarding travel right now, we have pushed out our flight deal engine to look for flight deals that take off only as early as June 2020 as well as improved the interface thanks to feedback from our wonderful community of Avoyagers.

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