How can AI be used in a blockchain?

The love of AI for consuming as much data sets as possible to learn better about them and the credibility that Blockchains provide to data makes it a blockbuster proposition for all stakeholders. Integrating the two can create the following ecosystems

  • Improved Business Data Models
  • Newer Insights and Discovery
  • Intelligent Predictions
  • Digital Intellectual Property Rights
  • Autonomous Organizations
  • Smarter Finance
  • Transparent Governance
  • Intelligent Retail
  • Globalized Verification Systems
  • Innovative Audits and Compliance Systems

The advent of blockchain and the convergence of AI into mainstream products and services have created a whole new set of opportunities for either of these forces to join hands and collaborate. The confluence of AI and Blockchain creates perhaps what is the world’s most reliable technology enabled decision making systems that are virtually tamperproof and provides solid insights and decisions.

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Source: Deep Learning on Medium