Original article was published by SETARE MALEKI on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

Here are two of the most important roles of a coach:

1. Technical Guidance

A coach is responsible for deeply observing the athlete and detecting minor or major areas of weakness to focus on with training. Teaching technical skills are the solution that the coach is responsible for establishing, which will tackle the specific needs of an athlete to enhance a their performance. An ideal coach must have lots of experience, and spend lots of time observing a player. Now imagine a team sport, how is the coach supposed to spend equal time for observing each player, analyzing their performance, and generating specific trainings for every single one of them!?? Well, AI’s have proofed to be WAY better than humans at making predictions, calculating, collecting, and sorting data with substantial efficiency. AIs can help every athlete achieve equal, and accurate training and tips for performance improvement at all times (even when they are practicing on their own).

Some Examples:

PIQ is a wearable AI technology invented in France. PIQ was built by using GAIA to create a nano-computer that captures immense amount of data within seconds, through its sensors from any motion. GAIA is an algorithm that captures motion to create agent-oriented analysis on the data, and in this case make the data useful in the context of sport analysis. For instance it can elaborate on the athlete’s timing, movement, position, reaction time, strengths and weaknesses. This technology has been used for individual sports such as combat sports, tennis, golf and many more. It is worn as a simple bracelet in all weather conditions at any time. (Honestly I would purchase one!)

RSPCT, a sensored basketball hoop technology, which is currently being used by the NBA and some collage basketball leagues. It is installed at the attachment of the rim with the backboard, and it is synced to a device where it indicates the player’s best shooting spot by keeping track of the shot position with a camera, and the scoring rate with it’s sensor. It helps with coaching and playing strategies, as it exactly portrays where the ball hit the rim.

We can clearly see that there is a distinction between our abilities versus the abilities of a computer for creating an optimized training plan for athletes, AI sport technologies can help every athlete thrive regardless of their skill level, relationship with teammates and coaches!