How Cloud Computing Influences Artificial Intelligence?

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How Cloud Computing Influences Artificial Intelligence?

Cloud Computing & Artificial Intelligence Supplements Each Other

Cloud Computing has immensely affected the technology market as it has become a typical part of current software solutions. The cloud computing market is dominated by 4 big companies like Google, Microsoft, IBM, and Amazon. These companies also have a footing in a definite regional market like AliCloud in China.

It is difficult to visualize that technology like cloud computing having a strong grip in the market can be troublesome to change the present dynamics. Nevertheless, there have been recent developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI). So, more changes will appear as the programmers in the cloud computing period face challenges. Cloud computing can influence businesses. It is not a new concept anymore as companies have already adopted it. But the cloud will progress with time.

AI with Cloud Computing

AI means the capacity of the machines to perform tasks like it is done by a human. It is a blend of deep learning and machine learning. AI is a kind of know-how that has the potential to develop present cloud infrastructure and to enhance the latest cloud computing technologies. Businesses adopt all the technological advancements to compete well in the market. Cloud and mobile are in use as both are the future of technology.

Now, everyone is interested in knowing how Artificial Intelligence will improve cloud computing like cloud advances AI. The use of cloud computing by organizations has been influenced by the appearance of artificial intelligence.

AI Transforming Cloud Computing

The effect of Artificial Intelligence on the new generation cloud computing modules has brought amazing changes like the launch of transformational technologies like Mobile or IoT (Internet of Things).
With the advancement of technologies, there is no disrupting effect on the increasing cloud computing model.

IoT and mobile resources emerged owing to the existing cloud potential according to the viewpoint of developing cloud computing technology.

The applications running on AI contradict with mobile and IoT and require detailed run-time optimization with experienced backend services. If AI, data, and machine learning are merged, both AI and humans will be able to assess a large amount of data to extract useful information. Thus, a high volume of data will be managed efficiently in a short period.

AI is creating machines that work like humans and there is a concern whether it will work to remove human jobs. The fear is gradually appearing as changes are difficult to be calculated.

Artificial Intelligence Capabilities in Cloud Computing

Over the past years, there has been an enormous investment in Artificial Intelligence in the cloud model. The companies that are heading the trend are Microsoft, Google, IBM, and Amazon. The existing Cloud-AI is recognized in 2 main groups which are given below:

Machine Learning Cloud Services:

The technologies included in this platform are AWS Machine Learning, Google Cloud Machine Learning, and Azure Machine Learning. Through these services, you can develop machine learning modules that will function with any kind or size of data.

Cloud AI Platforms:

The technologies incorporated in the Cloud AI platforms are Microsoft Cognitive Services, IBM Watson, Natural Language APIs or Google Cloud Vision. These technologies facilitate the extraction of complicated AI. The cognitive computing potential via simple API calls is also presented in this platform.

Can AI Influence Next Generation Cloud Computing?

At present, cloud computing is a deep-rooted technology that is leading the technology market. We can say that no other technology has been unsettling the existing cloud computing infrastructure.

Artificial Intelligence includes unique features so it would affect the next generation cloud computing module. To sustain a new programming structure and patterns, AI requires a new computing network.
People may assume that current cloud computing technology will integrate AI potential as the initial component of communications. It is anticipated that shortly people will witness the arrival of new generation cloud platforms power-driven by AI.

Understandably, AI is the future of technology. But cloud computing will maintain its gained reputation. However, a grouping of AI and cloud will be guiding the technology development that seems constructive in every way.

The main goal of AI services is the cloud. Most of the AI applications are being created using the cloud. Both AI and cloud are major technologies. Their combination is significant for storing, managing, and processing data.

Using AI and Cloud Computing to Maximum Advantage


The cloud application development is obtainable over the internet. So, this reduces the need for purchasing on-site hardware, set-up, and software. There is also no necessity of on-site data centers which includes the costs of IT specialists to manage these centers and servers.

The Future Belongs to Cloud and AI

Better Output

A hard drive or local storage device needs ample information technology tasks like software patching, racking, stacking, and hardware set-up. But with the presence of cloud computing know-how, there is no need for these as the cloud is internet-enabled. Thus the cloud service provider manages all the data and the IT team can concentrate on accomplishing other objectives of the organization.


The possibility of damage is increased with the use of hard drives or physically accessible infrastructures. The risks involved are misplaced files, backup crashes or malfunction, and so much more. On the other hand, cloud computing modules guarantee stability in business, effortless data backup, and easier and faster failure retrieval.

Accessibility of Highly developed Infrastructure

AI infrastructure for any organization is too expensive to afford. The benefit of AI systems is that it yields high performance when it runs on servers with several fast GPUs (Graphics Processing Units). But one way to afford AI modules for businesses is to access AI as a service in cloud computing technology.

Wrapping up

It is believed by the best cloud computing companies registered on GoodFirms that the blending of AI module and cloud computing services will result in a noteworthy transformation in the technology market. As public cloud service providers are continually spending on the development of AI, it attracts a suitable set of clients to this technology. Though this technology is still in its primary phase, the progress is expected. Therefore, we can look ahead to exceptional innovation in the future.