How could the spread of Covid-19 have been anticipated with Smart Monitoring?

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How could the spread of Covid-19 have been anticipated with Smart Monitoring?

Detection of ‘weak signals’ through artificial intelligence

In order to act quickly in a crisis situation, and to make the right decisions at the right time, it is essential to have access to the right information, at the right time and in the right place. Today, thanks to new technologies and artificial intelligence tools, it is possible to process a large amount of data in a very short period of time. But in order to do this, it is first essential to have access to the information and then to be able to process it. By monitoring the press and local sources in specific countries, Jahan Info aims to quickly detect the right information (weak signals) and to give the user the possibility to understand and anticipate major events before other actors.

A “health case” monitoring would have made it possible to understand the evolution of the disease and its effects on both society and the economy more quickly.

Since the beginning of the year, the world has been facing one of the most serious health crises in modern times. The COVID-19 pandemic is threatening the lives of thousands of people and causing major disruption to the economic and social life of the citizens of the countries concerned. From China to the United States, Iran, Italy, Germany, France, the virus has severely slowed down daily life. In some regions such as Africa and the Middle East there is insufficient relevant information on the evolution and spread of the virus. Accurate and targeted monitoring of information related to COVID-19 can and could have allowed for a better response to the situation.

The graph below illustrates in more detail the increase in “fear” of the populations of the region in relation to COVID19

Moreover, it is interesting today to analyze the societal and economic aspects of COVID-19 in order to better predict future events. The Jahan Info platform allows users to have access to information from local sources in the countries concerned, in their own language (French or English), thanks to artificial intelligence.

Jahan Info’s “Smart Monitoring” solution allows the user to carry out strategic monitoring of the countries of the Gulf. By building “cases” which are composed of different keywords, the user can access the weak signals related to these areas of interest.

Jahan Info has defined a monitoring case in relation to COVID-19 and its societal effects to better understand the situation in the Gulf countries. As the graph below indicates, for several weeks now and with the increase in the number of contaminated people, certain themes such as “fear” and “panic” have been increasingly used by the press. This shows that despite the efforts of governments to avoid possible panic, populations are beginning to feel seriously endangered. This fear is obviously linked to the health crisis but also to the economic degradation following the spread of the virus.

The graph below also illustrates the link between COVID-19 and countries that are primarily affected by the pandemic such as China, France and Iran and also the role of organizations such as the World Health Organization.

It is necessary to remember that the Smart Monitoring tool can be used on any topic and in any language.

What do we do ?

Jahan Info is an AI-based platform for monitoring targeted economic and geopolitical information and trends from the local press of areas of interest, (filtered via machine learning), available in the client’s language, just like being there, without speaking the language.

Jahan’s mission is to allow business customers to get contextual information on their target countries (either to buy from or sell to), for them to take their strategic decisions with the maximum level of knowledge of the local environment.