How countries are using technology to fight coronavirus

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How countries are using technology to fight coronavirus

Hello World..!! I’m Pritam, and welcome to my blog today I want to share with you how so many countries and their technology is fighting against Novel Corona Virus. Nowadays India and the world currently facing a shortage of PPE for healthcare staff as well as low-cost medical equipment like when two latest innovative solutions to address this the crisis is indeed the need of the hour from large med-tech companies to individual entrepreneurs, researchers, designers and engineers people are coming together across of the world to find solutions which will help the world fight back COVID nineteen. He has a list of those top six governments worldwide are not relying solely on physical measures they are taking unusual steps to combat coronavirus and a tool that’s helping them in this war is the smartphone and this is how it works tracking the phones of coronavirus patients and suspects specifically via mandatory apps or wristbands they are told to register on the apps to start their 14-day countdown for quarantine. The applications capture all corners of their designated location and report violations in real-time to authorities not just apps (from sources) a man, from Britain explaining how China is now using a combination of technologies to track movement the Chinese government collects an immense amount of data about their citizens and they’re using it in novel ways to tackle the coronavirus then it’s likely that the Chinese government have analyzed your face and know where you are countries like China are also monitoring the health status of their people in general international experts agreed that galvanizing multiple tools is the way forward yes I would say this is probably the first epidemic of the pandemic of the 21st century in which they the full power of information technology social media artificial intelligence is being applied to almost every aspect of this response beyond that there are a huge number of collaborations around surveillance applications modelling and predictive modelling analytics in decision support tools and many of these other applications remember India’s experiment with lockdown has delivered mixed results experts say the surveillance model other countries adopted is worth replicating in India only testing will not only protection will not that we have to continuously monitor ensure that those were detected or suspected to be detected do not break quarantine orders so not infected us. Let me take the example of Singapore where the government has launched a voluntary contact you know contact tracing app same thing is been implemented in you know South Korea, the Israeli government has taken permission from the Supreme Court privacy concerns have also mounted over the use of these highly invasive measures but in the absence of a medical solution, technology may help enforce lockdowns better at least for now.

China, for that matter for some time, has been one of the largest manufacturers of mass PPE kits and other medical equipment and is now ramping up production to meet the sudden and increased global demand for such products but the world and India cannot solely depend on China and these trying times so countries are now building up their own capacities in India non-traditional players are now entering the medical equipment market there is a new breakthrough device that claims to effectively neutralize coronavirus necessity is sure the mother of invention and this doctor a Bengaluru based the scientist has invented a breakthrough device Dr Vijay Kumar, said this is a device it’s not a medical device I should make it clear it’s a device that basically works from the neutralizing of the spine protein the s protein of the COVID 19 virus so that the infectivity is reduced to a large extent so the idea is that and this device can be used in you know hospitals in you know contained areas quarantine areas in places where published me shopping malls schools, you can send our children back to school maybe if everything goes well then in the railway you know bogies buses even in your cars, so you kind of try and contains the scientist claims it disables the virus by bombarding the area with trillions of hyper-charged electrons per second this breakthrough device it is being claimed has been tried and tested but as of now the government of India is still to give its stamp of approval US and Mexico are also testing the efficacy of this breakthrough device made in India says the people behind the discovery while the device is not a cure it is aimed at containing the infection by disabling the virus not just this device startups in Bengaluru have also developed an effective low-cost device called respirator it is a portable ventilator they say your system this device that you have actually come out with how will this save lives can you just please explain to us surely so this device is a portable handheld device it can draw out intermittent positive pressure ventilation so when a patient has respiratory arrest due to comorbidities COVID 19 so a patient who has a pre-existing condition and there are no enough ventilators in hospitals this can come in handy so this can actually, save lives and it can be used as life support as an intermediate treat as you can see this is automating the Ambu bag just like simulating the patient motion so it is giving inspiratory and expiratory ratio it is giving breath rate is giving tidal volume so the patient who is requiring a mechanical ventilation so this can be used as an intermediary between an a manual ventilation to high-end mechanical ventilator renovators claim that where there is a fight for ventilators in hospitals for COVID 19 patients these kind of affordable devices can stabilize patients during respiratory arrests by mechanically providing intermittent positive-pressure ventilators while talks of mass production are on it is being said that this device will cost less than 50,000 rupees which are on the lower scale than regular ventilators. Now the main news television about testing is primary the more we test the more we are gonna know if the country is seeing a surge or not what is this testing that we are talking about and why is this a game-changer take a look South Korea seems to be battling the coronavirus COVID 19 effectively without implementing a complete lockdown in addition to rigorous and innovative testing for the virus online applications and social networking have been crucial to encourage ongoing public participation in the battle against the coronavirus.

Everyday South Korean health authorities send text messages to everyone’s smartphones the advisories remind people to avoid large groups practice to meter safe distancing and regularly disinfect their homes leaving the windows open South Korean health authorities emergency alerts share the locations of new coronavirus patients. People can then follow the links to detailed patient tracking data web developers like Ryangen so Hyung have collected and aggregated that information to more user-friendly websites the governments provides a travel history of each content patient but also that’s in the text format. So even if you read that place name you don’t really know where exactly it’s located so I tried to put that out on the map so that people can efficiently see where it’s exactly located so that they know if they’ve been to the place the South Korean the public has become a bit complacent as the pandemic drags on so websites like this may help remind people that the risk of infection is still out there and possibly nearby there are lots of people like still in Korea who doesn’t really wear masks because they think they didn’t have any contact with the current patients but with this website they have a better idea of that and then they can really you know the deal with a situation better since their creation in late January and early February independent coronavirus patient tracking websites have received millions of pageviews offering users reassuring information when the coronavirus became a threat I downloaded the apps and started using them to understand the situation you can see we’re infected people have been and avoid going there it helps to stop the virus from spreading South Korea has managed to flatten the curve and reduce new cases of the coronavirus in recent weeks although health officials here still worry about potential new clusters now the topmost priority and concern on everyone’s mind now is to find a cure for coronavirus where is the vaccine to fight no will coronavirus this lockdown may just be good enough for the short run but what about the long run six months later even a year later what if the virus comes back and we don’t have an adequate solution or a cure to coronavirus where is the vaccine how far have you progressed in finding one well we take you through on all of the efforts put on the vaccine for coronavirus from across of the globe as an anxious world awaits for a cure for COVID 19 around 35 companies and academic institutions from across the world are racing against time to create such a vaccine on Monday the pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson announced its plans to begin human clinical trials of its COVID 19 vaccine by September 2020 they also made the ambitious claim of bringing out the first vaccine batches for emergency use by early next year this company will be working with the US government to scale up its production as part of this arrangement the US government will pay 421 million dollars to support the company’s efforts another biotech firm the us-based Madonna has even started its human trial fees in an unusual move Madonna skip the animal test fees that vaccines go through before it is administered on humans other scientists are at the animal research stage and hoped to get the results of human trials later this year the unprecedented speed is largely possible because of early Chinese efforts to sequence the genetic material of SARS COV — the virus that causes cough in nineteen that the genetic sequence in early January allowing the W.H.O and research groups to work towards a vaccine typically a vaccine takes about ten years and 1 billion dollars to be developed and then used in the general population so how far are we from a vaccine SAR CoV — as a virus is called shares between 80 to 90 per cent of his genetic material with other forms of coronaviruses that causes SARS severe acute respiratory syndrome and Mars Middle East respiratory syndrome scientists had already been working on developing effective vaccines to combat SARS, MERS and are now repurposing them to develop vaccines against COVID h 19 Sal CoV 2 is an oval pathogen in humans and many of the technologies being used to build vaccines are relatively untested for the COVID 19 vaccine researchers are also experimenting with new ways of constructing a vaccine for the first time the genetic code of the virus from its RNA is being used to build a vaccine no vaccine made from genetic material RNA or DNA has ever been approved till date these vaccines are still in the early clinical trial phases and are at least 12 to 18 months away from use so despite the immense pressure to approve the vaccines quickly stringent safety testing needs to be conducted to rule out the risk of announcing diseases, before it’s rolled out for the public because benefit versus risk is the main game plan in vaccine development and the benefit of a vaccine, must outweigh the risks meanwhile the World Health Organization has launched a multi-country drive called solidarity to isolate drugs already approved by regulators for other diseases that can be utilized to fight cope with 19 the reason they are looking at already safety tested drugs is that these don’t meet Laemmle clinical trials and many are already on the market in Melbourne Australia health care workers have been given a vaccine that’s been used to prevent tuberculosis for over a hundred years the BCG vaccine also specifically targeted against TB is also known to train the body’s immune system to better fight infections researchers leaving the study now want to see whether BCG reduces the disease in those infected by Cove in 19 or exposed to it but finding a vaccine that works is in the ultimate solution providing it in time to people who need it across the globe will still be the biggest challenge the midst of covert 19 crisis health specialists have been emphasizing upon the importance of keeping your hands germ-free clean either through the use of soaps or hand sanitizers but with the soaring demand there’s now been a shortage of supply of hand sanitizer is up next a report from Sangli district of Maharashtra where a sugar mill is now producing hand sanitizers and distributing them among people for free to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic there has been a shortage of hand sanitizers which doctors say I useful to keep our hands virus free but restoring demand-supply of hand sanitizers have been hit the Indian sugar mills association has written to the centre assuring that the domestic sugar industry would supply adequate quantities of ethanol or extra a neutral alcohol according to the requirement for use in the manufacture of hand sanitizers ethanol is a type of alcohol and can be made from byproducts of sugar manufacturing under such circumstances this sugar factory in Maharashtra Sangli district has been turned into a hand sanitizer production unit this way my mother was another to attract women judges to rehash food sanitizers that work in the lab so many bottles Tim Lockwood come this comes at a time in the Ministry of Consumer Affairs Food and public distribution has issued a notification directing the state governments to enhance the production of hand sanitizers and ensure its availability to consumers now with India facing acute shortage of personal protective equipment for health care staff we’re looking at several private companies now coming to the fore to try and aid the medical fraternity we’re looking at companies coming up with 3D technology to build protective equipment we’re looking at helmets we’re looking at apps it’s quite interesting as to how med tech companies entrepreneurs researchers designers engineers have all come in together from across of the globe to find solutions to fight back COVID 19. An Italian company has 3D printed valves for respirator machines when a local hospital fell short while treating coronavirus patients the valves connect patients to a breathing machine and need to be replaced for each patient 100 of these walls were printed out in 24 hours the same company also developed a 3D printed adapter to turn a snorkelling mask into a non-invasive ventilator for coronavirus patients this innovation is not a legally recognized medical device yet companies in different countries are using their

3D printers to make protective face shields for medical staff taking care of covert 19 patients. The Chinese tech firm has developed a smart helmet that can detect people with a fever up to 5 meters away it sounds an alarm when anyone with a high the temperature comes close across the world many innovators have come up with mobile testing units which will identify the SAR Co v2 virus in a patient sample some of these kits have given more accurate readings than others but all of them have given hope that science will find a way out of this crisis now in times of social distancing in quarantine sitting at home could be extremely challenging and boring now it does take a toll on your mental and physical health which is why learning a new hobby or a new skill is what you need to do at this point a time it gives us the opportunity to in a way to come up with new ways to beat the lockdown and the coronavirus care let’s take you through this drama teacher where Charlotte Chakravarthy who is bringing joy in the lives of her students during this the period here’s how quarantines and lockdowns can be stifling or the smothering constraints can actually help channel one’s creativity drama teacher Vaishali Chakravarthi is helping children do just that we did not really know how to you know to take this forward so we thought maybe we can create a little module which includes more of creative thinking creative writing probably discussions problem-solving collaborating on an idea brainstorming for this drama calls for expression and depth but drama is also reaction which traditionally feeds off a physical presence that of a stage co-actors and audience but in this period of social distancing Chakravarthy is conducting drama classes with an innovative spin when you’re online you have to look at the screen and

you have to look at the people who are there present in the group now once the lessons become focused and the children are glued to you and they’re looking at you and there’s eye contact which is the primary you no need for any drama practice you half the battle is won because everybody is looking at you Chakravarti claims the online drama classes help children and young adults engage with the self and the world through the medium of art and literature as well as teach them life skills don’t get too too serious and too rigid with the body that you are in right now we all are in that worry you keep one art every day so you paint on a Monday then you sing on a Tuesday or you listen to or a Tuesday you cook on Wednesday then you dance on Thursday and you do drama on Friday now if you’ve got a lot of time at hand and don’t know what to really do with it composer and singer and mole Moloch has these suggestions hi I’m on the mole Moloch and in these tough times I find myself reading more than ever before because books have the ability to take you on an adventure and in that vein here are my recommendations the very first book I’d recommend is The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the galaxy by Douglas Adams it’s my all-time favourite book it’s about a man who wakes up and finds that the earth is exploded and he’s the last human left in the whole universe it’s a totally mad book it’s very funny it’s a whole series and now would be the best time to dive into it the second book I’d recommend is the one that I’m currently rereading its per suppose by Marjane Satrapi it’s very informative dramatic humorous and it’s about the author’s memories of her childhood in Iran but the illustrations are absolutely gorgeous and if you’re into graphic novels this one’s highly recommended the third book I’d recommend is “The Chronicles of Narnia” ICS Lewis one could argue that it’s a children’s book but the whole concept of a young girl finding a hidden world at the back of her closet and the layers to the writing is absolutely beautiful then I’d recommend absolutely anything by Neil Gaiman whether it’s American Gods or the graveyard book or Good Omens or Coraline, there’s a certain magic to his writing that makes him one of my favourite authors so if you pick up anything with his name on it you can’t go wrong and then finally there’s my Comfort read which is Harry Potter I cannot tell you how many times I’ve reread this whole series I know it probably by heart and sadly that’s not a life skill even though I wish it was and then of the course always Archie Comics and Tintin and there are so many great books out there are so many great authors and stories so go ahead open a book it’s it’s like opening a door to a whole new world happy reading and StayHome StaySafe. Good Bye.