How dangerous is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

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As we all know every coin has two sides, one that is visible to everyone the brighter side and the other which is not visible to anyone the darker side, similarly today we see a good aspect of technology which is like a boon for us but have you ever thought about how it works as a curse for us?

So here I am writing the consequences and dangers of AI (Artificial Intelligence)

The topic I am going to cover will surely blow your mind as I am working in the field of Data Science and AI (Artificial Intelligence) so I will explain you in the easy way how it works.

In this post, you will get information on two such serious topics that only a few of you will know.

  1. Deep Fake
  2. Deep Nude (Every Girl should know this)

Deep Fake

Imagine that you can take the form of any person and even you can speak in their voice, whether he is the President, Prime Minister of the country, actor or any person you want. Shocked? The topic I am going to tell about is called Deep Fake. let us know more about this.

Barak Obama Deep Fake

Deep Fake uses the Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) which is used in various applications of Artificial Intelligence. The model is trained on a lot of images, voice and video data so that the final model is so robust that when you give fake video input to the model the model gives so realistic result that one can easily believe that it is real and it cheats human eyes.

Trump Deep Fake

Since the model is trained on data this means the more data the better the results and accuracy. Today, you will find fake news everywhere like on social media, WhatsApp etc. and if such fake videos are also included with such fake news then everyone will trust such information.

Let’s discuss a more dangerous subject then Deep Fake.

Deep Nude

Deep Nude

Most of the reader will already understand what Deep Nude is, deep nude also works on the principals of AI (Artificial Intelligence) which is trained using more than thousand pictures of undressed girls after training when we give a normal image of a girl to the final model it generates the undressed version that input image.

I am sharing this information just to aware you in case if someone will use your photos in the wrong way like blackmailing you by creating your fake videos and images then at least you what happens with you and can stop such activities. Many of the internet websites make money by promoting such illegal activities due to this many countries created cybercrime laws to stop such activities.

In the end, I request especially from girls kindly share your photos with the people and the websites where your privacy will not compromise, always use recommended privacy option while sharing your pictures on social media, never allow any stranger to see your personal photographs.

Clap if you are unaware of this information. Also, spread awareness among your friends and family by clicking on the share button.

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