How Digital Marketing will change in 2020

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How Digital Marketing will change in 2020

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Who else is pumped for 2020?

Speaking of 2020, here are some trends that I am extremely looking forward to as a Digital Marketing Consultant:

AR Shopping

Source: AdWeek

Who doesn’t love some fun Augmented Reality like those fun Snapchat and Tiktok filters? Well, its a whole new game because AR will integrate with online ads making the consumer able to ‘test out’ the product before buying! Holy smokes this is dope!!!

Imagine testing out a new lipstick on your face before buying it or trying out a new handbag and seeing how it looks on you! OMG YASS! Some brands such as NARS, Mac Cosmetics, and Rayban are already testing out this feature!

AI Advertising

This is a game-changer! This will help advertisers create better ad copies and ad creatives which will result in MORE CONVERSIONS when understood.

How will this work? AI works with data, so the more data it has the better AI which means, as advertisers, we need to keep split-testing to help the AI.

More Chatbots

E-mail vs messenger marketing conversion rate

Chatbots will overshadow email marketing, email will still exist as a communication tool but it will be NO USE for marketing campaigns. Bye Feliciaaaa! Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Line etc have integrated various platforms and softwares to enable chatbots, it’s just a matter of time before every other social media platform dives into this too.

Playable Ads

Source: TechCrunch

Where are all the gamers at? Okay, this one is pretty dope, we will be able to try mini-games before actually downloading the full version of the game! Get those UI/UX skills polished, thank me later!

Vanity Metrics

Bye-bye Vanity Metrics and social proof. We have seen the removal of likes recently in some countries and this will continue, some have even spoken about the removal of the following count. This is GOLD! Who gives a sh*t about numbers? Not me! This will encourage better content and fewer people worrying about power likes and all that cr*p lmao.