How does Stax add value to my business? Part 2

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How does Stax add value to my business? Part 2

Welcome back to “How does Stax add value to my business?”

Now that you’ve seen how Stax can help you save time and keep you organized, let’s take a look at how it can save you money and streamline your processes. If you haven’t read the first article, find it here.

Saving You Money

A few months ago I collaborated with Phoenix Spine and Joint and did a cost analysis. We calculated that Phoenix Spine is spending $330 each month, and that’s just to have someone sort through and assign the documents to the appropriate staff member! That doesn’t include the time and money spent on staff members that then have to look at each document assigned to them and determine if it is urgent or not. Once documents have been assigned, people like doctors, who make anywhere from $90 — $150 per hour and surgeons, who make anywhere from $160 — $230 per hour have to spend their time paging through documents to determine which need to be taken care of immediately.

By implementing Stax, Phoenix Spine could save over $80 each month or over $960 each year! Remember, the cost of $330 each month for Phoenix Spine is just for someone to sort the documents. It does not take into account the time and money spent having doctors and surgeons spend their time determining which documents are urgent. Realistic savings when using Stax, accounting for time spent by staff members, is estimated to be around $15,000 per year for Phoenix Spine and Joint — a private surgery center. This number could be much more for larger clinics, hospitals, practices, and legal firms.

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Email or fax documents directly from Stax!

Streamline Processes

Similar to what I talked about above, Stax is excellent at streamlining certain business processes. Aside from eliminating the need for someone do the menial, time consuming task of sorting documents, Stax can make your client/patient/business communication processes easier. It can be your one-stop-shop for receiving, signing, and emailing/faxing back documents! Tag your co-workers if you need multiple signatures and add notes using memo notes. Need to highlight specific things? Stax has a Canvas tab that allows you to highlight and draw on documents.

You also have the ability to receive notifications in Stax. You can fully customize the Stax notifications to fit your needs. Want to know if you receive a document that needs a signature? Stax can do that. Do you want to only receive notifications when a certain folder receives a document? You can do that too. Only want to receive notifications when someones assigns a document to you? We got you covered.

We’ve specifically made sure that Stax is NOT a one-size-fits all software and we love the fact that it can be tailored to YOUR business and your needs!