Original article was published by Nevedtha Venkataraman on Artificial Intelligence on Medium


As a reader, I have always found myself nodding a yes in agreement while coming across the most known content, Artificial Intelligence. So I decided to write on it and crossroads for new angles and spins and it worked.

There has been huge progress in Technology. These inventions have brought many unimaginable changes in our lives going to infinity and beyond.

The most common question that strikes my mind after having a deep study on A.I is:­

In the future, will A.I. control us or will it be like our friend?

We use Artificial Intelligence all the time in our daily lives, but we often don’t realize. Yes, it ranges from our phones to the self driving cars. We can say that it is a computer program which we use daily on our smart phones or tablets. Google Now, Cortana, Alexa, etc. are some of the programmed that learns from us and tries to help us out with our daily life. We can observe that the program learns everyday from us while using our smart devices.

For instance, I was typing an answer in Quora on my computer system, all the time it was recommending how to complete my sentences even before each sentence was completed.

I was recently looking for some books online. I closed that tab and opened Instagram. In a while, book suggestions appeared on the page as a prompt. It is nothing but Artificial Intelligence.

Another common example is Gmail. Our Gmail account emails are categorized as primary, social, promotional. It also filters spam emails and sends us a notification when we receive a mail of an ad.

Who is behind that?

It is none other than machine learning. The spam emails are detected by machine learning by recognizing and understanding the coding patterns. ALAN also said about the conditions for considering a machine to be intelligent. He argued that if a machine could successfully pretend to be a human and have all the knowledge as a human, then you certainly consider it Intelligent.

Are you thinking – How it works?

It works similar to our human brain. In our brain, 1 neuron is connected with 1000 different another type of neurons. Similarly, AI connects through the neural network with different types of neural networks and it is connected around the world. In this way, it started thinking by itself without the help of human and started combat with humans.

The simplest method is learning by trail and error. Like in a program for playing chess, will play randomly until it is found that check mate is achieved. After that the AI remembers the successful move and next time the computer is given the same problem, it is able to produce the answer immediately. Further, the program will start thinking and understanding the way we are responding, it will try to analyze our strategy and what we do to win the game. Slowly the program will also produce its own technique which would be better and then it will win the chase for sure because now it started to THINK!

And this is not even because of intelligence. It’s because AI is now improving its own algorithms by ‘learning’.

Stephen Hawking once told the BBC –

The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race….It would take off on its own, and re-design itself at an ever increasing rate.

Normally an IQ of 85 is considered below average, IQ 120 is smart. Einstein had an IQ of -180+. AI IQ is 12952. And if AI will come, it would be the most powerful thing in the Universe.

But we must agree that there is no replication of human intelligence. AI cannot be improved with experience like humans. There is no match to the capacity of thinking that the human brain has or even the originality of a creative mind.

I always believe that intelligence is a gift of nature. Instead of having an immaculate debate on this topic, let’s learn and move with the opportunity to make a high degree of human-machine symbiosis in the future with humans working alongside machines to maximize their relative strengths.