How I Boost my Confidence in Data Science Field

Original article was published by Pranjal Saxena on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

How I Boost my Confidence in Data Science Field

Tips to Boost Your Data Science Skills

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Knowing machine learning and deep learning algorithms are acceptable. But, Importing the algorithms and using those algorithms by feeding the data is not the right practice to better utilize data science techniques. We can find many people on Linkedin with bio as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and python. But to utilize them in your day to day task is challenging. There comes the need to get exposures and having a better understanding of the algorithms.

Our primary goal in the data science field is to use the algorithms developed by data scientists effectively. But, if we are not aware of the algorithms like what goes in, what comes out, and what happened inside the black box, we might use them effectively.

In this article, I will discuss some better ways to change your thinking towards data science. And how you can better imagine the world with data science techniques and use them effectively in your day to day life.

Better Linkedin Connection

Linkedin is one of the efficient tools to enrich your knowledge and broaden your thinking towards data science. But, some people are using it like Facebook. While adding any connection, we should focus on adding quality connections. We should check their interests in their profile, then only we should add them to the connection list. And it is imperative because Linkedin algorithms show you the posts liked and shared by your connections.

The more similar mindset connection you will add, the more positive vibes you will receive from the platform. Social media directly impact our future actions, so we need to be more attentive in that area.

Reading Articles

When we write an article, we give our best in sharing knowledge with others. And, reading and writing impact our mind directly instead of watching a video. Because when we read something, we use our minds to correlate things from the previous sentences that lead to better learning, but while watching the video, we are free to do anything that makes us lose the focus.

Medium has a better list of publications that provides better insights towards data science.

Towards Data Science

Towards Data Science, also known as TDS, is a prominent publication with a better set of writers who give their best knowledge to write the article. The TDS has a very active community with better knowledge and skills in writing quality articles. They check each article by reading them manually and check for all kinds of grammatical errors so that reader doesn’t face any difficulties. They also have a better recommendation based on your previous reads.

Towards AI

Towards AI focus on tech, science, and engineering. They have a better community that provides a better reading experience for the readers.

Work on Real Project

There is no use of knowledge until we demonstrate it to the world. Reading many articles can provide you with the insight of utilizing data science in better ways. Now, it is your turn to see what the manual tasks you can automate. Please start with the smallest one, like using your laptop camera to recognize a human face and then add deep learning to recognize a face and then finally add it to your CCTV camera to recognize your guest. It is up to you how much broaden you can think.