How I published my 1st Deep Learning research paper?

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How I published my 1st Deep Learning research paper?

Writing a research paper in the field of AI seems to be daunting at first, doesn’t it? But trust me it isn’t that hard. In this article, I would like to go on a 2 step process on how to publish your 1st research paper and in the end, I would share how I was able to publish my 1st paper.

I firstly would recommend you to get a mentor. Does that mean I wouldn’t be the 1st author in the research paper, well the answer is yes. You have to give something to earn something right? I tell you to get a mentor because you can learn a lot of things from him/her which might be useful later on when you would like to lead a research project team or write a paper solo. Another benefit of having a mentor is that in most of the cases they might already have a research topic for you to work on. This is a huge advantage because finding a research topic can be a very difficult task.

Many times you might start researching on a topic ‘x’ and you would discover a solution for topic ‘y’. In this case, a mentor can help you drive through this easily. A mentor can set deadlines for you which is very necessary for the completion of the project.

Now that you are convinced that you need a mentor, let’s talk about you for a minute. Before starting, you need to ask yourself the following questions

  1. Are you willing to give everything you can to finish this research project?
  2. Are you willing to grind 8–10 months to finally write a single paper?
  3. Are you willing to take rejections from several publications before being accepted into one?

If the answers to the above questions is a yes, then perfect, you are in for writing your 1st paper! In the paragraph below I would like to explain using a timeline how I used the above steps to write my 1st research paper.

July 2019 -> Started to search for a mentor and got one

August 2019 — November 2019 ->Started working on the project

December 2019 -> Just when we thought the project was going smoothly, we had to modify the project. So I started working on the new part of the project. This was the time I felt like quitting but was determined to finish it though.

January 2020 -> Finished the project

February 2020 -> My mentor started writing the research project and sent it for acceptance to various journals

April 2020 -> Finally after a lot of obstacles and rejections got my paper published. You can have a look at it here.

I would like to clarify that I am not an expert nor I am very talented in this field. I had no research experience before publishing the paper but was willing to give my everything to this. I did although have the basic knowledge of the topics my research paper was based on. I did learn a lot of topics while I was working on this project.

So to conclude, follow your mentor, stay consistent, and be willing to learn and no matter how less talented you are, you will be able to write a research paper to make a difference. As always do give it a clap if you liked it. Thanks!