How Industry 4.0 can impact Utility Distribution Industry?

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How Industry 4.0 can impact Utility Distribution Industry?

The sustainable energy transition and Industry 4.0 share important characteristics that can be integrated to pursue a sustainable energy transition. Such integral approaches could be guided by the Sustainable development Goals which provide important target setting for energy, Climate Action, and beyond.

I remember the first time, I walked into an electrical transmission and distribution (T&D) control center about 7 years ago. With a rapid transition been happening even at the micro-level with everyone holding a smartphone and laptop inside backpacks, power distribution centers are expected to be one of the most modern, at last, Utility Power Grid is one of the major achievements of a human being. I was expecting large server racks, large-scale digital visualizations, and completely automated control systems.

Power Grid

What I found actually surprised me. A small group of people actually indulged watching a small supervisory control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) screen, a television in the corner playing the news and weather, and a giant map of Power network hanging on the wall, with thumbs track to track real-time changes.

Can you imagine, the biggest invention on mankind still running manually while burning billions of dollars in energy outages and inefficient distribution sector?

Industry 4.0 technologies including Digital twin and Artificial Intelligence will play a critical role in the transition of the Power Distribution sector. Emerging Start-up’s are on a mission to bring automation and self-learning ability to the power distribution Industry. I will be posting the latest blog to educate our audience about the new energy transition, the industry is bringing and how it could impact the Utility sector. Deploying new energy technologies and adding intelligence to the Power distribution will lead to a more efficient power sector and will save millions of dollars from the companies.

Sustainable Development Goal 9

Sustainable development Goals are critical for Industrial operations. Adding intelligence and automation to already existing infrastructure will improve its efficiency, reduce planning time, digitalize Operations and will add extra lifetime to the existing assets by detecting wear & tears happening in the current infrastructure digitally. In addition to this, the integration of new energy resources means adding even more data to a system that’s struggling to cope with existing data.

Therefore, vision of companies should be to dedicate new technologies that will impact to digitalize, decentralize, and decarbonize Power Utilities with a major focus on Power and Industrial manufacturing sector.

I am on a vision to digitalize Utilities and integrate it with Industry 4.0 technologies.