How is AI, Machine Learning and Automation Transforming Businesses in 2020?

Source: Deep Learning on Medium

With increasing digitalization of work and life, accelerating rise in connected devices, burst of data at each of digital touch points, combined with performance improvement, need to maximize utility and the need to act quickly, correctly and connectedly, and make appropriate decisions — it is indispensable that these systems be intelligent.

Is Intelligent Decision-Making the first lesson to Mankind?

Known Intelligence dates to the creation of Adam, when he repented having eaten the forbidden fruit. Lack of intelligence could be equated with not willing to bow on your Creator’s instructions. Doing the right thing at the right time, with the inherent or acquired capability to recognize, collect, store, process, analyze, learn, re-learn, predict, behave and make decisions accordingly is intelligence.

Machines and software programmed to do the same are said to have artificial intelligence. Soon, ‘artificial’ will be cliché.

What process or tasks should businesses apply AI & Automation to?

Such machine learning and intelligence is best used for automation of tasks that does not require creative thinking or can be reciprocated in machine languages. HR, supply chain, expense claims and financial reconciliations, business and technical support via intelligent chatbots, customer service are some of the examples that are best being optimized by automation and application of AI.

How far-reaching are the applications of Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence?

Technological breakthroughs, medical diagnosis, proactive prevention & treatment, advancement of education mediums and techniques, intelligent data modeling for businesses encompassing external variables not fathomable earlier, proactive macro and micro economic decisions, risk analysis and financial predictions, as well as proactive industrial faults handling are all fruits of this acquired machine intelligence.

Where does Automation fit in your Business Strategy?

Whether you are responsible for your company’s HR, operations, finance, supply chain, procurement, logistics, warehousing, sales, marketing, customer service or the more complex IT systems, technology infrastructure, digital channels, software development or eCommerce, it is in your best interest to adopt complete digitization and automation. Else, the competition can get ahead of you or continuous tangible return and value add from your jobs may gradually diminish to nada.

Since transformation and data accumulation is happening at a rate faster than humans can process, it is intelligent to put AI and ML to use on top of automation. Not only would you then have optimized processes — saving your company’s time, money, performance, reputation and even survival amongst fierce local & global competition — but also proactively equipped your systems to handle any input exceptions or any change in behavior or volume of data.

What era are we in currently?

Make no mistakes, the era of robotic revolution is here. Automation, ML and AI combined yields intelligent Robotic Process Automation (RPA) that takes many forms within many functions and systems of your company. The adoption rate amongst businesses worldwide is faster than any previous technological breakthrough and its becoming harder and harder for companies to do without.

Why should you rely more on Chatbots now?

By 2020, Gartner predicts that customers will manage 85% of their relationship with the enterprise without interacting with a human. Bots can be your best option to raise the bar, implement new engagement strategies and win over your customers.

Royal Cyber has extensive consumer interaction data across various industries along with a team of AI and machine learning experts who will analyze a brand’s existing conversation transcripts to help determine the best bot use cases.

What is Royal Cyber’s Unique Value Proposition?

Royal Cyber BOTs have the following taken care of:


• Authenticates bot users against corporate directories

• Sign and encrypt bot messages

• Archive bot messages for compliance, quality assurance and business controls

Integration with Enterprise Systems

• Provide simple models for integrating bots with corporate systems

• Offer simple APIs for accessing business data from bots

• Manage via simple APIs for reacting to BOT events and exceptions in line of business systems

BOT Manager

• Enable the distribution of bots for corporate users

• Organize bots into categories to facilitate its discoverability

• Apply security and management policies to corporate bots


• Have tools to test bots and validate its run-time behavior

• Programmatic models to author and run test in bot solutions

• Integration with enterprise app life-cycle management tools

Managing & Monitoring

• Track and monitor messages exchanged by users and bots

• Integrate with app performance monitoring platforms

• Apply access control, distribution and management policies to bots

Will all science fiction become reality?

Science fiction of yesterday is a reality today, from biological nanobots to mega industrial robots, from micro drones to military defense systems, machine learning and its intelligence have been given shape and purpose. Though it is not far from reality when machines start finding and acting on purposes of their own.

Source: Royal Cyber