How ML and AI can be used in Agriculture?

Agriculture is one of the prominent activity in the world. Food is one of the basic necessity. Farming is one of the important activity since it fulfills the need of the food. Agriculture is the industry that accompanied us since pre historic times.

Digital and technological Advancements are taking over the industry which are enhancing the food production while adding value to it and solving the problemss

Whenever farmers do farming they expect great productivity but during the harvesting the productivity is very uncertain. The reasons for uncertainty are various factors such as weather, water, pests and seeds or weeds.

Presently attack of weed is major concern for the farmers. By the use of AI, to control the weeds there is a automatic image taker which tells the parts where there can be weed.

Now a days many tech people are coming up with the solutions for the problems such as weed. One such project of startup is about the capturing the thermal images of the crops. Thermal images are necessary since they give the clear shades of the crop from which it can be found that which part of crop requires fertilizers or pesticides, this can reduce the consumption of pesticides by 40%. It will decrease the pollution level.

Microsoft is working on some project which can send msgs to the farmers to tell them the optimal time to sow the seeds.This doesn’t require any installation of any sensors or equipments but only a cellphone in which farmer can receive the money.

So there is a huge potential of Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence revolutionize the agricultural practices.

There is an article named “ Agriculture and Artificial Intelligence” authored by Parikshit Sampat Ram, In this article he stated the Artificial intelligence can help to improve agricultural practices.

He told about the how IOT can be used for predicting the weather, livestock, rains, monitor crops, temperature and moisture which can prevent the waste.

Later On he talked about various startups such as PEAT a german based startup which is doing a fantastic work in this field, they are using the algorithms of AI and ML to detect the deficiencies of minerals in soils. They are using an image recognition app which identifies the defects and tells the solutions and techniques.

Like this there are various startups which are doing great work such Farmshots etc.

FarmERP is another project which is a traditional ERP software which is a farming management system. It is software solution which used globally for farm, farmer, procurement, processing, supply chain and financial data management system.

Many farmers have started adopting the new technologies and have started using organic pesticides and soil entrenchment strategies are also being formed. is one such website which is focussing on the financial aspects. Their agri based intelligence system finds the worthiness of the farm to get a credit or loan. They continuously remotely monitor the activities and warns the farmers having repayment risks.New forms of non-traditional data driving new lending models but can be hard to gather, expensive, and say nothing about farming (the most important income source for smallholder farmers).

In conclusion soon there will be a revolution in agriculture since many start ups are coming up with solutions to solve the present problems in the present agricultural practices. Digital farming is coming up and Computer Science is going to play a major role.



Source: Deep Learning on Medium