How To Build Your Career In Artificial Intelligence

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Last year, I published a book for data science, machine learning & artificial intelligence beginners & enthusiasts, where I introduced a 4 step learning framework. Thanks to the positive reviews and overwhelming response, now I am going to revise and extend that framework into a do-it-yourself course. Let’s have a look…

Welcome to my new course, ‘How To Build Your Career In Artificial Intelligence — Do-It-Yourself Course’, which introduces a learning framework for beginners to get into AI.

So if you are looking to build or switch your career in AI with no prior knowledge or experience, then this course is for you.

This pilot episode is an introduction to the course.

Now the first question that you may ask is, there are so many books, courses, blogs, channels and podcasts, why yet another course. Let’s list down the reasons :

AI is a multidisciplinary field, as a beginner, you can get perplexed about where to start from, what to cover and what depth is required to actually start working on real-world projects.

So many resources, free as well as paid, are available in the field, you need a guide who can help you navigate which resources are relevant and really useful for you.

Apart from very few resources, most of the material available are of low quality. Only a handful of books and courses are worth investing your time.

Even those resources are limited to core concepts and algorithms only. Rarely these resources cover an end-to-end view of the AI field, from identifying use cases to deploying solutions in production.

Internet is full of courses which are just there to cash in the lack of awareness among beginners. Many courses charge you heavily just to teach you theoretical concepts only with no practical use cases.

As a beginner, you may have many questions which are not conceptual or practical. For example, how to get started with AI? What an end-to-end AI project looks like? What are the different roles in AI and who does what? How to switch into an AI role? How to lead AI initiatives? etc.

There is no dedicated material available which focuses on these type of questions.

If you relate to these troubles as a beginner, then this course is for you.

To cover all the challenges a beginner faces, I have built an end-to-end learning framework which smoothly transitions you into an AI professional. It has four phases:

Navigate is the very first phase of your AI journey, where you need to understand the overall landscape before diving deep.

Build phase covers all the concepts, processes, tools you need to learn and the resources you need to refer to gain the required knowledge.

Launch is the phase where you build your portfolio, network with like-minded professionals and start looking for a job.

Excel phase details out how you can stay up to date & excel in this ever-evolving field.

But before going any further, there is a word of caution. I would like to set the expectations straight that this course is different in many aspects.

This course is not a typical concept or hands-on oriented, my approach here will be concentrated on what it takes to build your career in AI from scratch.

Hence I would not be reinventing the wheel, my focus here will be on effective utilization of existing resources.

So what’s next? In the next episode, I will cover the course outline, will look a bit closer at each phase of the mentioned framework.

The framework mentioned here is captured in my book ‘DS/AI Self-Starter Handbook’ which you can order from

I hope you find this episode useful, stay tuned for more, any feedback would be highly appreciated.