How To Decide Which Programming Language Is Best For You

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Let’s start with 2 questions!

These questions would help me figure what kind of programming languages would suit you best.

Question 1

Do you want to start your career in programming or you just want to learn and see how it goes?

If you have decided that you want to spend your life writing code, then you should choose harder/lower-level languages. Why? because you will learn a lot more about how computer works, lower-level languages give you more control over the system, it allows you to tweak every single knob available. This might be useful later in your career when you are working on a large-scale project where efficiency is a must.

I would not suggest hobbyists or those who just want to explore, to choose this path because initially, programming can be frustrating when you do not know what’s going on. For you guys, you should start with easier languages that will allow you to easily work on projects, not caring about the minor things happening underneath the system. You will complete multiple projects in a brief period, this would encourage you to learn more, and probably you would then consider programming as your potential job.

Question 2

Are you dumb or good with computers? Do you get fever looking at code?

If the answer is yes, then I would suggest you to start with easier programming languages which are beginner friendly and you won’t feel like- ‘programming isn’t for me’. This is true for both kinds of people, those who are planning to work and for hobbyists. For hobbyists, who are good with computers, you can choose harder languages.

Note- There is no rule that if you want to be a software developer, you need to learn hard/lower-level languages. I am just suggesting that here because it would give you a better understanding of lower level tasks such as memory management and buffer management.

Now, let’s see where you fit in.

I created this using Figma, you can use it if you like on your own articles

So if you are ‘start with scratch’, you don’t have to read more, head over to scratch website, to experiment with it.

From now on, ‘Smart and Job ones’, I’ll call you Zeros and the other two I’ll call you Ones.