How to do research — A Ph.D. student narrative

Source: Deep Learning on Medium

Time management: Time is precious

a. Daily scrum: I carried the industrial good practices into academia, having my personal daily scrum. Ideally, takes 15–20 minutes to figure out what are the priorities for the day. Be sorted!

b. Try to arrange weekly meetings on a fixed routine. Everyone is busy — including you. If you find that your advisor/collaborator is not giving you enough time, write them a mail fixing a particular slot. It gives a sense of responsibility on both sides as well as you learn to manage time. Do take minutes of the meetings. Don’t let the time spent in the meetings go wasted. Be protective of your time!

c. A really nice blog on Time Management by Devi Parikh. Use Calendar. Not to-do lists. A nice support for a). above.

d. Apps like RescueTime give you an insight into the productive vs distractive time. However, there are always privacy concerns! Be disciplined.

Rescue your time!