How to follow the Maybot? A droid PM | David Mitchell

Source: The Guardian – Artificial intelligence
It could just work – particularly if the big policy decisions continue to be pre-ordained by referendum

Perhaps we should have a robot prime minister. What do you think? It might be worth a go. Has technology advanced to the extent that some computer-centred entity could fail to do all the things Theresa May has failed to do almost as comprehensively? It’s possible. It might even fail to do them more quickly and efficiently – by which I mean succeed in accomplishing that failure more quickly and efficiently.

Then again, to give May a bit of credit, the comparatively slow rate at which she failed to achieve any of her goals was the most commendable aspect of her premiership. Her order of preference was probably: succeed quickly; succeed slowly; fail slowly; fail quickly. She got her third choice – like so much of the electorate – and hence she’s been prime minister for a reasonably long time. So it wouldn’t be fair to conclude that her robot equivalent was better merely because it managed to reach her current nadir of non-success in, say, 0.37 seconds rather than two years and 11 months.

In Sweden, a robot called Tengai can apparently nod, smile, wink and say sorry. Theresa May can barely do half that

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