How to get involved

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How can you get involved in the community?

The mission of Project Clarify is to revolutionize mental training and enable the future of experiential medicine using emerging AI technologies. Check out the welcome letter for an introduction.

Try out the demo

We have a fully-functional state-understanding feedback demonstration you can use right now through a Google Colab notebook. Try it out here.

Read the whitepaper

There is a lengthy work-in-progress that should provide all the context you need to understand the goals and approach of the project. Access the Google doc here. This will continue to evolve over time and we are sharing this before it’s fully polished to openly involve the broader community in the strategic planning process.

Be a part of one of our Q1 hackathons

We have two hackathons coming up in Q1. You can check this page for updates and info.

Be a part of Q1 Demo Day

We will be holding demo day events at the end of each quarter (on March 21st for Q1) to give our community an opportunity to get together to share what has been accomplished both with internal members as well as with external affiliates. Read more about demo day here.

Review open issues and epics on GitHub

Our GitHub issues are here which are organized primarily according to areas (machine learning, front-end platform, feedback experiences, systems, and test). We use ZenHub which is necessary for epics and project boards (e.g. our roadmap) to display properly.

Express interest in internal project communications

Interested in joining the project and being a part of our Slack and weekly special interest group (SIG) meetings? There’s an interest form here to join the waiting list. We haven’t yet made it to full-open mode for these last two modalities but when we do we’ll be to form-based auto-invites so please stay tuned if that’s an interest of yours.

Reach out to us about collaboration or sponsorship

If you’re a corporate or academic entity that is interested in collaborating either in regard to the project itself (e.g. ML researchers within your organization are interested in collaborating with us on topics in area/machine-learning) or in regard to sponsorship of the project (either in the form of staff, compute, events, or promotion) you can reach us via

Follow us on social media

We are on Facebook and Twitter primarily for the purpose of raising awareness among potential contributors of the existence of our project and events so as to help to drive contributions. These also serve as outlets to promote our blog posts that have the additional audience of collaborators and other affiliates. Our Twitter is here and our Facebook page is here.