How to get started as a Machine Learning Engineer.

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How to get started as a Machine Learning Engineer.

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We have probably all came across the saying or statement that Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are a big part of technological advancement and the future. Opportunities in Machine Learning and AI are definitely going to be big for the next decades since they are the main driver of emerging technologies.

If you are interested in technology or a career in tech, you have definitely come across Machine Learning. You have probably asked yourself about what it takes to become a Machine Learning Engineer and whether it is worth it especially with emerging careers in data science.

One thing you have to think about whenever you are presented with this question is that the adoption of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in various verticals is continuing to grow and the demand for these professionals is also skyrocketing. Therefore this makes this career a hot field that will be a big part of the future and technology.

So what does it take to become a Machine Learning engineer?

You don’t have to have a solid tech background before getting started with Machine Learning.

  • The number one and most important thing you would need is the enthusiasm and will to learn!
  • You would need to have a good understanding of the pre-requisites especially in calculus, Linear Algebra and the python programming language because it is the language commonly used in Machine Learning
  • Be ready to learn Machine Learning concepts and you can do so by taking a couple of free courses online. One course that really helped me get started with Machine Learning was Andrew Ng’s Stanford Machine Learning course on coursera.
  • After learning Machine Learning concepts make sure to work on projects and build your portfolio. Projects always go a long way in helping you strengthen your skills as well as they help a lot when it comes to job interviews.
  • After doing all these you have definitely prepared yourself to get into the Machine Learning field and feel free to apply for those opportunities be it a job or whatever opening that would see you advance your career in Machine Learning. If you have made it is far am certain you will definitely make it and all the best!

And that’s just what it takes to get started with Machine Learning! Always remember that it only takes the will and desire to do something to actually get to work on and do it. Anyone can do this!