How To Humanise a Digital Health App

Original article was published by Ameerah P. on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

2. Give Control to the User

You’d probably hate it if your GP consultation was a continuous interrogation with no time to clarify, repeat or digest the information being asked of you. The same applies to using an app, where some may feel stressed if they don’t have enough time to digest everything. To ensure that you can control the pace at which you encounter new information, we’ve modified our UI to mirror that which is seen when someone is ‘typing’ on iMessage. We’ve also made sure that further support is always available through help buttons — such as ‘I Don’t Know’, ‘I’m Having Trouble’, and ‘Replay Tutorial’ — integrated throughout.

3. Minimise Anxiety

There’s little else that is more intimidating than being told to do something without knowing why. Mindset isn’t immune to the unfortunate side effects of in-person clinical tests. Anxiety from using the app can skew diagnostic test results, a phenomenon analogous to white coat syndrome. As a result, we’ve implemented clear descriptions summarising exactly what our cognitive tests are assessing. This has helped ensure that no one is left in the dark while working through each task, making the entire process feel like a “walk in the park”.

4. Reduce Cognitive Effort

At Mindset, we like to keep things simple. With buttons integrated throughout the app, you don’t need to type a word. We’ve also replaced the standard login wall with a simple 5-character user ID for returning users, making forgetting passwords a thing of the past. This idea of ‘less is more’ also applies to our language (simple, colloquial, and human) and fonts (clear, clean, and large). Even our terms and conditions have been whittled down to their bare-bones: a simple 4-point screen displaying only the information you need to know.

5. Add a Personal Touch

The app’s familiar chatbot UI not only ensures user-controlled cadence, but also immerses the user in friendly dialogue akin to what they may normally experience in the clinic. Mindset also integrates relatable quirks throughout the app to offer you a UX that is not just stress-free, but fun. We’re big on using terrible puns, emojis, and gamification to lighten a typically serious process.