How to Install the NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit 11 in WSL2

Original article was published by David Littlefield on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

Open PowerShell:

PowerShell is the default shell that’s used in Windows 10. It uses its own object-oriented scripting language to automate administrative tasks and manage configurations. This lets users automate practically everything.

The Shell is the program that presents the command-line interface to users to let them interact with the kernel. It allows them to control the computer using commands entered with the keyboard. It translates the commands from the programming language into the machine language for the kernel.

The Kernel is the program at the core of the operating system that controls everything in the system. It’s responsible for memory management, process management, disk management, and task management. It also facilitates communication between the programs and hardware in machine language.

In this section, we’ll open PowerShell:

  1. Press “⊞ Windows”
  2. Enter “PowerShell” into the search bar
  3. Right-click “Windows PowerShell”
  4. Click “Run as Administrator”

The “Run as Administrator” option grants the program permission to make changes to files, system settings, and registry settings.