How to learn machine learning for free?

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I know how it feels you are sitting at the bank of the river and thinking whether to jump or not. It gets terrible when you don’t know how to swim. i was in a similar situation. It was couple of years ago when I was talking to my friends in IIT, some working in MSR(Microsoft Research) Bengaluru etc and I realized that I need to understand the field of deep learning then only I will have something to say in their conversation. Yes, getting into deep learning was not a career choice for me, it was peer-pressure. My friends like Asim Unmesh and Jeetu Raj were really helpful when I decided to pick up deep learning.

Now I won’t bore you with my story, let’s get to the exciting part, how I taught myself deep learning and machine learning? Excited?!

Disclaimer — The following list is about the resources which worked for me, I ain’t saying this is the only way to learn ML.

I will list down the resources for which I am thankful for. I really am glad that the creators left these resources for free online for folks like me.

Great! Congratulations! if you have completed the course and made this far… I’d now try to provide some other reading resources which I refer.

Some more content –

Want to get started with Reinforcement Learning? The following videos can be a good starting point –

There is way more content which I have, please feel free to comment if you want anything specific.

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Happy Coding! 🙂

Originally published at on April 5, 2019.