How to make your life Happier and Funnier? Top 10 Ways for it

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How to make your life Happier and Funnier? Top 10 Ways for it

Make Your Life Happier and Funnier with Artificial Intelligence

So, guys before starting with our listing of how AI can make life much happier and funnier let’s first snap into to what actually AI really is?? So Artificial Intelligence is used in different technological devices and applications which simulate human-like behaviour, it reads our taste and preferences through algorithm being used to generate such behaviour.

So here we have listed 10 benefits to enjoy to make our life happy.

  1. Automated kitchen: Have you ever thought about having help in your kitchen with a robot assistant. It can be a great gift to your wife or your mother. It can turn our experience to more like a five-star restaurant. Companies like Plant Jammer and Chefling are working with are helping to create tasty food which can be easily made by the leftovers of the food available in the kitchen. Moley is a new invention in the AI technique dubbed robotic kitchen which can see the items which are less in your refrigerator to your groceries item needed. Robotic Arm is one such innovation that can give your assistance in carrying out the little tasks in the kitchen making your working easier and less time taking.
Automated Kitchen

2. Health Care: is one of the very important dimensions in today’s world seeing the living patterns being followed. Monitoring of your health issues can be done easily through online mode. Grant and Medopad companies are working with 5G technology to cure people and make mass health monitoring possible. Some of the applications are easily available in the reach of all, like Pedometer it tracks your footsteps and sets a target by mapping your motor movements. There is one more such app that monitors your drinking habits and reminds you to drink a glass of water after a little gap in short intervals. Kudos to it as it boosts our health and even inspires us to lead healthy lives.

Health Care

3. Gaming: AI has come to the rescue of the gaming industry by keeping this sector dynamic. Have you ever thought about remastering your older games?? Yes, you can do that too. You can augment your classic game and customized it to your own experience. Developers are using AI to make our gaming experience much more realistic. Development of AAA title Cyberpunk 2077. It makes realistic gameplay possible adding to our quality recreation possible.


4. Interaction Gadgets: when talking about happy time with AI talk of these gadgets can’t be left behind. Siri, Alexa, google assistant, Cortona has made possible TV interactions possible with streaming devices voice controls can be done easily. They can be asked to play whatever we feel like by commanding the machine and it really does it. It recognizes your voice through voice recognition. It learns over time your watch habits, gauging it also stores your media clips to learn the preference of all the users, and then catering to your preference it provides you your custom content. VIDAA -AI is such an example. Hyper- personalization name of the game AI will be able to even create a personalized film experience for you. Certain tech names like VR Artificial Intelligence will be used to do an analysis of your daily habits and taste and to recreate a friendly atmosphere closer to your attitudes and choices.

Interaction Gadgets

5. Jarvis Artificial Intelligence: Who does not want to own a Jarvis like Tony Stark or an old model of its traditional Alfred, a robot personal assistant. When we were young, we use to be a big fan of small wonder streamed on star partners channel. Who does not want a personal robotic assistant to give your assistance in decision making to your futuristic planning or working on some project or a model and even help you out in fixing your day to day problems and helping you to carry out your daily task like even arranging your room to all your official work? This will be so helpful? They can be our good companions in our lonesome time so that we are not left in solitude. We can have valuable time with these friendly creations. Not adding to our monotonous life, they can be a great source of joy and will definitely add more happiness.


6. Self Driven Car: This is really a, Yes. And why not imagine a car which is self-driven and does not need a human driver. This we must have only thought of in our fantasy world only. But it is being run in China. Such creation is on the way to its existence and once made will make our life so much easy. It will be easily used by anybody easily accessible. Even people who are differently-abled will be able to bring it to their use making even their mobility possible and a dream coming into reality for them and all. This AI invention will Mark an increase in the happiness index of all.

Self-Driven Car

7. Ride-Sharing Apps: This has become so much a part of our daily lives. Rome security applGaurddns like Ola, Uber, BookMyCab are making the mobility of people so easy these days. We can go easily from one place to another without making any fuss. it is easily at your doorstep accessed by your cell phone. It can pick you up from any place. It can save you time and energy. It is cheap in its pricing. Being pocket-friendly it is affordable. The movement can be traced easily to the taxi from a distant call centre. The behaviour of the driver and his alcohol consumption is monitored before the drive. This adds to the safety of the people using the service. This is really a boon to our modern living which makes our life stress free and happy.

Ride Sharing Apps

8. Home Security Guard: Artificial Intelligence is highly being used to design the devices adding to the safety of homes and offices. it is being installed in the showroom lifts and big buildings. Sponsored doors, self-opening doors responding to the foot taps. Cameras fixed on the gates and different areas of home and office are commonly being done these days. Safety is the first important feature needed in this modern world. The AI-powered house will remove the hurdle of being unsafe in a metropolis and can be a relief for bringing security to homes making home a safe will definitely improve our life creating an interconnected homemaking a new symbiotic ecosystem. There is one drawback of this feature which can be a great loss and should be improved in time and it is the problem of Hacking to an interconnected home. Still, it has brought safety to many homes and is easily able to trace the intrigued by monitoring via cameras.

Home Security Guard

9. Music Apps: music applications are being widely used and loved by all people around the globe. Everyone will be having this application installed be it a savan, Spotify, WynkMusic, or A continuous sunburn application. It checks your weather details your geographic location and movements and plays and custom design a playlist according to your activity or on your taste. Be it Rock, Jazz, Classic, Retro one can easily access the genre you want to in any language you want from English to Malayalam to Hindi to Punjabi easily can be enjoyed through these applications. We can run it on our cell phone or on our system and can easily pair it to the device be it the speaker or a small stereo, it can be used anywhere just plug in your headset or attach it to the stereo system of your car and enjoy the rhythm of all happening tunes. This is really trending these days very much used by all you can listen even to your favourite podcast on your favourite content. This adds to the joyous morning and pleasant evenings. This makes our life really happy.

Music Apps

10. Streaming: This one is the most awaited one where Artificial Intelligence created streaming channels are being a highly rejoiced appetite for all. Everybody is crowding the use of these streaming channels like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar is highly being used. It gives a better quality of the content you play, preventing the use of low-quality internet avoiding buffering, and giving the best experience at a low price. It is customized streaming you can easily choose the content you want to watch be it new trending seasons from any origin or the latest movies in your regional lingo. It caters to the taste for all be it kids, old age, youngsters it even has a section according to your age level. It learns your pattern of habits of your watch history or the content which has a higher probability of you watch recorded and then it customizes itself and gives you to watch all those personalized lists to have an eye on. This actually makes your life happy and especially your weekends and family time a happy time.