How to pass any exam with Deep Learning!

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How to pass any exam with Deep Learning!

During my last semester of Ph.D. in Computer Engineering, I’ve managed to figure out what Deep Learning is and how I can use it to my advantage. My time in the Ai Lab is mostly spend on solving a problem by training a Deep Learning algorithm. This would take a huge amount of time that requires researching new innovative solutions. However, I found out that Deep Learning the most effective when it is trained on a clean and related dataset.

Even though training a network is fun, I’ve come up short during my finals as I had little time to study for finals. Specifcally, I came up short in studying for one the hardest course in Computer Engineering, “Design and Analysis of Algorithms”. As the most amount of time I had for this graduate-level Algorithms class was 24 hours.

I had no time to use traditional study methods so I grabbed my laptop and sat down in the cafeteria to prepare myself for the exam. With one simple goal: Train my mind as close to a Deep Learning network.

Just like a deep neural network, I put my focus on creating a dataset and run it through the network (my brain) in iterations.

My dataset included a dozen of papers with questions and their answers. Just like the exam conditions, while reading each chapter, I developed a question and answered it by myself or with the help of my book.

I’ve managed to create more than 35 questions-answers in 6 hours. In Deep Learning, such process is called developing the dataset.

To test the effectiveness of my brain in answering my questions, I test myself in answering each one without looking at the solutions and this resulted in 35% accuracy.

In addtions, I ran through the questions 4 times and saw a dramatic change in my accuracy:

Epoch 1: 60%

Epoch 2: 75%

Epoch 3: 90%

Epoch 4: 95%

After 4 iterations I reached the mastery level. Where I could write new innovative questions.

The results were fascinating. Rather than losing my confidence that I didn’t have time to study for, I had confidence in myself in answering exam questions. The process took less than 14 hours and I passed the exam with an “A”.

Conclusion: Train your mind just like Deep Learning. Put the effort in creating a framework of training data. Train your brain. Test the accuracy in iterations(epoch).

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