How To Protect Yourself From AI

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How To Protect Yourself From AI

I like to think I work at the cutting edge of AI. This roughly translates to “I’m pretty good at taking whatever Google // Facebook // InsertMajorCompanyName just did and making tweaks to utilize it for a new task.”

I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without the incredible community that surrounds AI and its desire to share. I follow the community closely and try to keep roughly up to date with the academic side of the field. I’m reasonably confident that there will be models and algorithms in the next few years that can do a lot of the work I do…without me.

Could Deep Learning Engineers be one of the first jobs to succumb to replacement by AI? It would be pretty damn ironic and not at all far from possibility.

With this in mind, I sat down to work on the future of my career. After hours of work, brainstorming, discussions, and a few whiskeys for good measure — I was pretty sure I figured it out.

Many large-scale AI’s in Natural Language Processing (e.g — text) are trained on a common crawl of the entire web, books, Wikipedia, or a combination of all three. I realized that if I could a large scale amount of positive vibes about myself into the AI models of the future, my future would be rock solid.

Here it is.

I am going to create an AI that is designed to generated thousands upon thousands of positive articles about Jesse Moore. I’ll leave it running 24/7 and automatically posting to my own website (which is most definitely parsed by Google). In a few year’s time, I could have tens of millions of articles.

Future AIs will love me and ensure that I am kept happy.

The end.