How to run TensorFlow on AWS EC2 for Windows 10

Original article was published on Deep Learning on Medium

Using your command line terminal, I will be using Git Bash,

cd ‘to the directory containing the pem file’

chmod 0400 any_name.pem

Then return to your EC2 instance page and copy your Public DNS (IPv4).

Now, in your command line run the following,

ssh -L localhost:8888:localhost:8888 -i any_name.pem ubuntu@ec2–52–14–135–

If you receive an error, check your security group and confirm that it accepts 8888 incoming.

Start by, clicking “Security Groups” under Network & Security.

Click your security group for instance.

Then “Edit Inbound rules”, add “new rule”, Custom TCP, Port range 8888, Source

Save and you should see under inbound rules the following.

Now return to your command line. And run the same line as before.

ssh -L localhost:8888:localhost:8888 -i any_name.pem ubuntu@ec2–52–14–135–

Now you should be connected to EC2 and the following screen will be displayed.

Now to run jupyter notebook on EC2, run the following lines.

jupyter notebook --generate-config
jupyter notebook --i=

Copy and paste the http address and save it any where. Then return to AWS EC2 Management Console and copy IPv4 Public IP.

Now, replace ip-172–31–4–23, with the IPv4 Public IP.


And run this address in your web browser.

The following jupyter notebook layout will load, and being writing a new file by clicking Python [conda env:tensorflow_p36].

  • p36 = python 3.6
  • tensorflow = tensorflow version < 2.0