How to Succeed in Data Science Field

Source: Deep Learning on Medium

Data Science

Hello All,

This article give you the path to succeed in Data Science Field.

Following are the main factors to succeed in Data Science

  1. Self Learning
  2. Self Understanding
  3. Creativity/Ideas
  4. Passion to Practice
  5. Presentation Skills
  6. Communicate Your Experience(Problems you solved) in layman Terms to Receiver/Hiring Manager.
  7. Connect your Ideas in AI/Data Science to the People in Business/Leadership who can take forward your ideas to next level.
  8. Share your Knowledge to Others/Friends/Colleagues.
  9. Network with other DataScientist Experts.
  10. Continue Learning(Never Drop Out)
  11. Be Positive (Learn from Failure).
  12. Understand the Domain and Data before you apply the Technology.