How top CS students problem solve

Source: Artificial Intelligence on Medium

The best students find the ways to win, and often result in the rules of the future. As course staff, the detail is impressive. This is the kind of effort that gets products out the door, and I strongly stand by these students’ scores. It’s not a requirement to be successful to have these types of effort and insights, but they can take you very far.

I choose to define my own success on how I perform, so I don’t worry about trying to replicate any crazy win like this. You can have a great career through consistency and enjoyment, but it’s fun to see how some of the best minds break problems down.

I completed my undergrad almost 3 years ago at Cornell University, and it was almost 6 years before I was really trying to make a name for myself in my first competitive engineering classes. I’m not sure if it’s just a change of perspective, but I have been impressed by the students. I’m sure they’ll be rewarded for their hard work.