How will humans and AI coexist?

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How will humans and AI coexist?

It is not long before humans and artificial intelligence will coexist together in a more intertwined manner. In Japan, where robot utilization is higher than in South Korea, robots and artificial intelligence are already prevalent in providing various services to humans in everyday life. For instance, there are robots that guide transit stations in seven languages at Tokyo Station. In addition, there are robot barista cafes, robot hotels, and AI flower shops in Tokyo. AI has recently entered politics, painting, healthcare, and other areas that require high human judgment and sense.

How will humans and AI coexist in this trend?

Human-centered AI does not exclude humans in the course of performing tasks, but rather empowers humans and promotes human benefits through cooperation.

‘The key element of a human-centered AI’

Trust is the most important factor in a human-centered AI system.

In order to promote human confidence in AI, it is necessary to have a prior understanding of what conditions the AI system works perfectly and under what circumstances the AI make the decisions that it does. It is also important to maintain a balanced attitude in dealing with AI systems.

For example, healthcare is an area where a human-centered approach plays an important role. Instead of replacing doctors and nurses with robots, a human-centered AI could increase the number of patients a day that a doctor can examine by pre-examining the patients and passing this information off to the doctor for his or her diagnosis. It will also help lower the misdiagnosis rate by empowering doctors with better tools. Ultimately, doctors can work more efficiently and effectively.

The key lies in identifying the grievances of human beings, so that the AI system can resolve the issues accurately. It is also important to be able to explain decisions made by the AI, especially in areas such as healthcare. Only then, can a doctor confirm the process of why the AI has reached such conclusion, determine whether the conclusion is correct, and explain it to the patient.

Human-centered AI guides AI development in the right direction. Mind AI also considers human nature and ethics as the most important factors. Focusing on solving the hardships facing humans creates an environment in which humans and AI can coexist, and further supports us to increase productivity, improve our quality of life, and produce more beneficial results for humanity. In other words, the focus is on humans, including a deep insight into human beings, why this technology is necessary for humans and how it will benefit us.