I did the same research a few months ago, in Canada.

I did the same research a few months ago, in Canada.

Unfortunately, 3 year old cars (where I was looking) don’t have good enough ADAS features to be worth the extra expense.

So I said to myself, I’ll get the car that gives me what I need to make it self driving, and add later the sensors required to sense (cameras, radars, IMU) and understand the scene around the car.

We (ossdc.org) will post soon some datasets and videos with processing live data, while driving.

In the mean time take a look at what amazing things are possible to do, for free, right now:

Try live: SSD object detection, Mask R-CNN object detection and instance segmentation, SfMLearner depth and ego motion estimation, directly from your browser!

We will integrate stereo images and IMU processing also.

Source: Deep Learning on Medium