iAdvize launches Augmented Intelligence solutions

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iAdvize launches Augmented Intelligence solutions

The applications of the technology are evolving at a rapid speed and quite fascinating. Augmented Intelligence is one of the most popular technologies revolving around headlines in most of the fields. iAdvize, the leading conversational platform combines human touch and AI power to take conversations to a next level.

iAdvize being a conversational marketing platform helps in connecting customers with the experts. It usually facilitates with Chabot, Customer support, Live chat. It helps more than 2000 brands globally in providing solutions to enhance the customer experience. iAdvize which is used by major retailers and brands globally has made an official announced on launching AI solutions. It integrates human and AI into a messaging system and helps online retailers to know more about their customer needs and respond back effectively. iAdvize has noticed a tremendous increase in online conversation which raises around 82%, especially during the pandemic situation. It acts as a platform where messages are exchanged between the brands and their respective customers.

The new AI-powered solutions help online retailers in identifying their potential customers without any arduous task. iAdvize AI solutions automatically analyze online conversations and try to figure out the intention of the customer. These solutions help online retailers massively in differentiating the window shopping customers who just do browsing from the ones who are really interested in buying the product. Once the potential customers are identified it will offer them the best CX and enhance customer optimization.

iAdvize in extending its services on screening, hiring independent, freelance product experts to assist the retailers. When AI identifies the keen shoppers it will tags them as “Serious Shoppers” based on learning the interest and intention of the customers. It will provide them the “Live Chat” privilege with the brand experts to know more about the product and clarify all their anticipation and queries. The brand experts help in finalizing the sale and also to upsell more products. For instance, a customer really interesting in buying products from the “Lowes Website” and surfs through the website. iAdvize focuses on such customers and enables live chat option to have a conversation with an independent home improvement expert who ultimately helps in suggesting the best product to buy.

The accuracy of AI solutions is based on human-machine collaboration. Machine Learning, NLP technologies, Artificial Intelligence helps in making this process easier. It automatically and relentlessly analyzes online conversations and identifies the exact intention of those conversations. An intriguing feature of iAdvize’s AI solutions is that it enables brands to operate efficiently. It helps them in handling customer’s queries 5 times effectively than previously.