#ICYMI_011: Looking for Truths and Lies in Art and AI (and for Waldo)

Original article was published on Artificial Intelligence on Medium


10. Wahrheit und Dichtung

We are living in Fake-News-Epoch. Fact-checkers are the force to liberate us from delusions and fraud in Social.

The problems begin when it’s about art. A photo-collage published by Saatchi-gallery was blocked on Instagram:

Some hair-splitting fact-checker found out, this photo was “not real”, equal “fake”. Well, indeed, it was a photo-manipulation. But the goal of manipulation, in this case, was a creative one. Sure, with all the political, sociological, critical intentions. Or probably without. Why not?

And the question is: do we have to fact-check artworks? Do they tell us the truth? And if yes, how? Should we from now avoid every creative exaggeration or metaphorization of our reality?

The fact-checking is vital as prevention of politically implied lies and deceptions. But art?

What shall we do? Probably in this way?

Of course, this will cancel all the century-long work of Dadaists and Surrealists questioning art. But such a tag could prevent fact-checker workflow?

What do you think?