IIEC DOT workshop: A new way to help my country with the help of technologies

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IIEC DOT workshop: A new way to help my country with the help of technologies

We all going through a tough situation because of coronavirus and it is a night mair for every single person of this earth. Every day we are hearing lots of new cases of coronavirus positive patient and many deaths all of the globe. All the doctors and nurses are fighting with the situation, polices are controlling the outer situation to maintain social distancing and not gathering outside. But somehow they are failing to cure the situation fast. That has lots of reason and for some of those reasons, we are directly responsible.

In this IIEC DOT workshop, we learnt Artificial intelligence especially computer vision from very basic to advance. The main motto of this workshop is to contribute or help to come up from the situation with the help of new technologies. Vimal Daga listed some project to implement to overcome this situation, those are:

  1. Testing kit to check whether the suspected person has corona positive or not
  2. New opensource ventilator
  3. Drone to detect every person body tempter.
  4. App to get connected with doctors and medical workers to track anyone’s health condition

We got the knowledge about what is machine learning, deep learning, computer vision and natural language processing. Our main focus was into computer vision. We made a hands-on project to detect real-time human face from inbuilt camera or mobile camera. Later, we modified the project to make computer secure using face recognition and make integration of DevOps and machine learning.

From this workshop, I got lots of knowledge about machine learning and I think that will be helpful to make my next project. My idea is to make a system to decrease the wastage of food in daily life like in hostel mess or any local hotel. I will study the data of food which will be generated from customers and their review. After that we will make a model to predict how much total food they should make for any particular day and that data will be generated from user daily data analysis for which we will make an application to take data from a customer or any student daily and make certain changes in the model prediction based on coming data.

This will help to reduce the wastage of food and people will get proper nutrition from food they need.