iJustine spends a day with aibo

Original article was published by Sohrab Osati on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

iJustine spends a day with aibo

Stella and Mango, the 🤖🐶 get to hang out

Serving up as almost the perfect sequel, like Faruk, Sony also gave aibo, their robotic dog to iJustine. In his video, Faruk provides us with a glimpse at what a day with aibo could be like from a unique perspective, Mango, his robotic companion.


“The thing with robot dogs is that you have to turn them on.”

Welcome to the future folks 🤣

In her video, Justine takes us on a ride and shows what a day could be like with Stella from her perspective and even had Faruk and Mango join along. As if one robotic dog wasn’t enough, take two out in public and prepare to be noticed.