Image Segmentation Using Deep Learning for Fashion Data’s


Computer vision one of the most fascinating fields has taken a new direction because of Artificial Intelligence which is helping machines with the ability of perception and making sense of it. In this post i am covering a new method which is blend of traditional image processing and deep learning for automatic segmetation of images and i have the demo code repo with this post and also i have revealed the technique that i have used on this project.

The deep learning model is built using keras and image processing is taken care by opencv. the entire project is scripted in python.

Some results obtained using algorithm
Segmentation Results

It is not only useful for fashion images, the full project is pliable for many domains where such feature operations are required.

Example :

Extracting or segmenting vehicles from the roads where slight changes on the core code can help you to achieve that.

you can find the working demo here:

Source: Deep Learning on Medium