Imagination announces automotive industry’s ‘most advanced’ GPU IP

Original article was published on Autonomous Vehicle Technology

Imagination Technologies announced the XS GPU product class for automotive, enabling ADAS acceleration and safety-critical graphics workloads. According to the company, XS represents the most advanced automotive GPU IP created to-date and is the first licensable IP in the industry that is ISO 26262-capable.

The XS design reportedly employs a new safety architecture with mechanisms for compute and graphics delivering up to 2x higher performance for critical workloads, enabling rich, high-performance graphics that are functionally safe.

Key features include:

  • ADAS compute acceleration: It is optimized to accelerate advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), delivering high-performance and functionally safe compute.
  • Safety-critical graphics: The company says it is the industry’s first GPU class designed for safety-critical graphics applications where the GPU is responsible for critical tasks such as digital dashboards, surround view, and camera systems.
  • ISO 26262 conformance: The company says since it is the automotive industry’s first ISO 26262-capable GPU IP.

The new safety architecture contains patent-pending technology designed to enable the company to secure and verify the correct execution and delivery of data from the GPU. Going beyond lockstep mechanisms, it includes hardware mechanisms that carry out safety-critical workloads across compute and graphics while maximizing performance.

The company recently announced that following a successful audit of its Functional Safety Management System by HORIBA MIRA, it has received a statement of ISO 26262 process conformance. In addition, it has also announced its OpenGL Safety-Critical 2.0 driver for automotive GPUs, enabling its customers to benefit from GPU acceleration in safety-critical applications.

“Our GPUs are repeatedly selected in the automotive market for their performance, reliability, and unique features such as our acclaimed hardware virtualization solution, enabling multiple screens, multiple Oss, and multiple apps to all run on one GPU with no performance loss,” said Jamie Broome, Senior Director Automotive Business, Imagination Technologies. “The XS represents a step-change in our automotive capabilities and defines a new benchmark for the next generation of automotive SoCs. Thanks to our ISO 26262-conformant GPUs and software drivers, OEMs, and Tier 1s can trust that integrating our technology into their designs will enable them to build functionally safe SoCs rapidly and cost effectively.”

Imagination XS class is available for licensing now.

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